January 2022  

PREVIEW: Construction Newsletter Issue #3 

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Improving work processes with machine control

Machine control is a powerful technology that can help contractors improve productivity, reduce errors and rework, cut costs, and recruit and train the next generation of operators. However, the technology is complex, and implementing it is not as simple as flipping a switch. The key is aligning its strengths with the company's project portfolio. In this edition of Experts Corner, SMS Equipment's Manager of Smart Construction Kris Troppmann explains how leading contractors achieve this.
Did You Know? Proactive dozing allows the operator to work with automation in all job phases, from the first pass to the last pass. Existing ground conditions at the tracks are continually collected, and with every pass, the new ground condition updates to follow existing grade contours similar to an experienced operator.

A: The most frequent concern I hear about is that there's a labour shortage. The most experienced baby boomers are retiring, and it's extremely difficult to attract the younger generation into the marketplace. So machine control fills that gap twofold. Number one, by ensuring a minimum level of acceptable production on projects, even with relatively inexperienced operators. And number two, by attracting the younger generation with the use of modern technology into an industry that is challenged in terms of its image.
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How does machine control ensure production standards?

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How do your customers measure success?

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What are the most critical challenges?

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How can contractors set themselves up for success with the technology?

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How does SMS Equipment makes all this easier?

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Next steps:

Are you interested in discovering what machine control can do for your business?

Komatsu iMC 2.0 Dozers

New iMC 2.0 dozers increase production up to 60% with the ability to use automatics from grass-to-grade.

  • Lift layer control uses the shape of the existing terrain to place lifts consistently with high accuracy, reducing compaction rework
  • Create a temporary design with quick surface creation
  • Tilt steering control automatically tilts blade to maintain straight travel during rough dozing and reduces track slip 
View iMC 2.0 Dozers

Komatsu iMC 2.0 Excavators

Intelligent Machine Control with automated tilting bucket feature allows smarter excavation from start to finish, removing over-excavation throughout the job.

  • Auto tilt control automatically tilts the bucket which greatly increases ease of operation on slope and ditch work
  • Protection + precision + performance = the formula for pursuing maximum productivity versus conventional machine guidance
  • Excavator automatics for trenching, slope work and high production applications
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