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Our oils incorporate a specially formulated additive package combined with the highest quality base oil and is designed to ensure you get the best performance from your machine. 

EO15W40-LA -  is an advanced synthetic blend heavy duty engine oil for use in Tier IV diesel engines and all makes and models requiring an API CK-4 or API CJ-4 engine oil. It is also designed for use in all prior engine models and can replace Tier III and prior engine oil.

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HO56 - HE hydraulic fluid is premium high viscosity index anti-wear hydraulic oil formulated for equipment that utilizes high performance pumps. It contains very effective anti-wear additives combined with shear stable polymers that meet or exceed industry vane, gear, and piston pump manufacturers’ specifications. This fluid is a highly dependable peak efficiency oil which meets the lubricant demands of precision industrial equipment. 

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AXO80 - is a mineral based, premium universal tractor transmission oil designed for use in off-road applications as well as agricultural tractors. Special friction modifying additives ensure optimum performance of oil immersed brakes while minimizing brake noise. It is also suited for hydraulic systems of tractors and ancillary equipment. Its selected additives and high quality base oils provide good low temperature fluidity and wear protection.

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HO46 - HM hydraulic oil is formulated from high quality mineral oils, they contain performance oriented anti-wear, rust, and oxidation inhibitors, and they protect against corrosion and wear in presence of moisture.
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