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Experienced, international equipment dealership focused on solutions
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Experienced, international equipment dealership focused on solutions

Founded on more than a century of combined entrepreneurial spirit and industry experience, SMS Equipment is a solutions leader for the construction, forestry, mining, and utility industries. 

Your job applications are diverse, and so is your territory. We sell and service a broad range of top heavy-duty equipment brands across Canada, Alaska and Mongolia.  
Your business faces challenges

Your business faces challenges

We ensure our customers have the best solutions in place to cultivate resources, build infrastructure and create communities.

SMS Equipment operates at the leading edge of innovation, and offers advanced technologies that keep job sites running safely, efficiently and productively, even in extreme conditions. 

Company History

Effective May 12, 2008, three Canadian equipment dealers, Federal Equipment, Coneco Equipment, and Transwest Mining Systems merged to become SMS Equipment. We are now one of the largest Komatsu dealers in the world with a network of business centres across Canada. Though the name SMS Equipment is relatively young, the industry experience brought together from the alignment is vast. With Federal Equipment forming in 1952, Coneco in 1966, and Transwest in 1986 the cumulative experience brings you some of the most creative, unique, and productive solutions in the Construction, Forestry, Road & Aggregate, and Mining industries.

Mission, Vision and Values

SMS Equipment is a global leader for equipment distribution dedicated to continuously improving our services and product offerings to meet the unique requirements of our customers. Partnering with leading manufacturers and employees, SMS Equipment strives to be your number one solutions provider in the construction, forestry, mining and utility industries.

To be the #1 equipment and solutions provider to our customers.

By knowing the needs of our customers and through our highly trained, safe and mobile workforce, SMS Equipment will be the number one solutions provider in the heavy equipment industry.

To be number one in the industries we serve requires continuous improvement to achieve benchmark reliability and sustainability. In addition to supplying equipment, we strive to remain customer orientated and provide solutions by having the right product range with a high life cycle value that can be customized to your needs and delivered in your time frame. Further, the ability to put together the right solution requires service delivered by the appropriate people who possess competent knowledge and skills.

SMS Equipment is here to provide you with the right solution for your application.

  • Safety: We work “safe by choice not by accident.” Read our Safety Vision
  • Truthfulness: We believe in uncompromised honesty and integrity with employees, customers and suppliers.
  • Respect: We respect the beliefs and opinions of all people.
  • Performance: We encourage our employees to always perform to the best of their abilities, meeting the expectations of our customers and our company.
  • Recognition: We continually recognize the many individual achievements of our employees.
  • Lifestyle: We ensure the needs of our employees are always met without losing sight of the requirements of the business.
  • Community: We support the causes our employees believe in and the communities we live and work in. Our Community Efforts
  • Attitude: We maintain optimism and remain dedicated to carry out our business according to our values.

Corporate Governance

SMS Equipment Inc. is committed to being a corporate leader in ethical practices and will maintain high ethical standards in its activities, and fairness and honesty in its business relationships. As part of our Corporate Governance, the Company has a Code of Conduct which applies to all employees and representatives of SMS Equipment Inc.

SMS Equipment has a zero tolerance policy regarding bribery, fraud corruption and other unlawful acts. We strive to enhance the ongoing success of our business and to protect the value of our relationships with our employees, vendors and customers through secure, transparent and fair interactions.
Similar to the Code of Conduct, this policy applies to all stakeholders. It outlines the responsibilities and expectations of the Company and its employees for preventing, detecting and investigating acts or instances of bribery, fraud and corruption.
Serving You Coast-to-coast

With locations to serve you across Canada and Alaska, SMS Equipment is your local equipment and solutions provider.

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