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Coolant / Antifreeze

Coolant selection has significant implications. The life of your engine and radiator heavily depends on which coolant you select. It is important to use genuine products to provide long life protection from corrosion, cavitation, and other possible problems.

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Komatsu Super Coolant

Komatsu Super Coolant

Specially formulated to meet the high expectations and superior quality standards of Komatsu. It is enhanced with special additives for heavy-duty construction and mining machinery. It is a non-amine/non-nitrite type high-performance coolant that satisfies Komatsu Engineering Standards (KES). Using genuine coolants provided by Komatsu helps you have fewer cooling systems problems and maintenance issues, resulting in less down time.

Features + Benefits :

• Super coolant has been tested and proven to work in high temperature/extreme conditions
• Improved productivity and lower operating costs for the life of your equipment

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