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Komatsu Base and Rover (GNSS Receiver)

Compact integrated receiver with best-in-class technology

Complete cutting-edge performance

The GNSS Receiver is versatile and rugged, designed with the most advanced global navigation satellite system (GNSS) technology delivering precise measurements in some of the most challenging environments.

Komatsu's technology features patented Universal Tracking Channels, designed to enhance the efficiency of identifying and utilizing satellite signals. This innovative approach optimizes satellite signal processing, offering users improved connectivity in various conditions.

Easy to learn and use, this versatile solution with signal scrubbing fence antenna provides ultimate signal lock, high-accuracy RTK positioning, multiple communication configurations, and LongLink interference-free communications that will help complete your work with precision and speed.

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Better Form and Function

Better Form and Function

  • Universal Tracking Channels for all satellites, signals, and constellations
  • Field-tested, field-ready, IP67-rated design
  • Compact form ideal for millimeter GPS and hybrid positioning
  • Compatible with 


Features & Benefits

Integrated radio and modem options
  • 400 MHz UHF RxTx radio
L Band-ready technology
  • The HiPer VR is L Band-ready for countless advantages in receiving advanced GNSS corrections globally**
Highly configurable
  • Designed to grow with you, unique electronic option files empower you to activate available features instantly
  • Topcon Universal Tracking Channels technology tracks all GNSS signals currently available and is designed to track the constellations and signals of tomorrow

Komatsu's Intelligent Machine Control and the Smart Construction 3D Machine Guidance kit use the base and rover units to communicate with satellites and radio, ensuring accurate grading and site layout.

This pairing empowers you to work efficiently and productively.

Smart Construction Base and Rover (GNSS Receiver)

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Intelligent Machine Control
Smart Construction 3D Machine Guidance
Smart Construction Remote
*Check with the regulatory body in your region regarding license-free frequency requirements
**Contact SMS Equipment regarding availability