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Smart Construction Remote

Send new design data to machines in the field or remotely support operators without driving to the job site.

Why drive an hour from the office to the job site just to transfer 3D data to a machine because of a change in the project design? Or when a new operator has an urgent question that can't be explained over the phone? Remotely send files from the office to the target machines or log in to a machine and see exactly what the operator is seeing.

Stay connected to your machines
  • Easily search all connected assets
  • Quickly ensure operators have the latest design data
  • Safe travel and transfer time
  • Train operators remotely
  • Troubleshoot in real-time withing being on-site

What is iMC 2.0?

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Smart Construction Remote
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Did You Know? Smart Construction Remote is available for Komatsu intelligent machines and select aftermarket technologies.

Features & Benefits

File transfer

Download machine data right to your computer and transfer files to a single machine or multiple machines with two-way file transfer.

Remote support

Assist and train your operators remotely by viewing what they see in real-time.

Locate machine in map to send data

Easily and quickly pinpoint the location of your machines through an online map and send data remotely to the machine. Connected assets are easily searchable by location and tags.

Smart Construction Remote

Smart Construction Remote FAQs

Wondering if Smart Construction Remote can be used on all machines? If you can send multiple files to a machine in one shot?

Technology machines can be added to a Smart Construction remote account at any time, by working with the SMS Equipment Smart Construction Team.

Design files can be transferred to single or multiple machines. The files will stay in the machine for 48 hours, until the machine is turned on and connected to a cellular network.

Yes. Click the search bar / magnifying glass to make all your registered machines appear in a list below.

Smart Construction Remote is available for Komatsu intelligent machines and select aftermarket technologies.

Google Chrome, iOS Safari and Firefox browsers are recommended. Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge are not recommended as they may limit certain functions or access.

Smart Construction Remote can be used with iOS / Apple or Android mobile devices

This program is designed to provide the customer with the ability to send and receive files from the office to machine, and vice versa.

Check the status of a file transfer to a specific machine by navigating to the machine and clicking the "file transfer" option. Click the three dots button and select "history list". Transfer status will be listed chronologically - by clicking each transfer individually, it will show you when and by whom the transfer was made.

To check the status of multiple machine transfers, click the purple "multi-transfer" button. Then click the three dots button and select the history list. All transfers in your fleet will be listed chronologically.

All files sent to the machine are saved in the 3DMC folder on the machine. Use the Remote Control function or work with the operator to change the active file in the machine monitor.

A machine must be online to download files from it. Click the "file transfer" option, then click the three dots button and select the "machine data download" option.

Check if the customer name in Komtrax matches the customer company name in Smart Construction Remote. These should match. If there are still problems, please contact with the machine SN for further steps.

Yes. As a machine owner, the user has access to change the machine name, unit number, etc. To do so, search for the machine in the upper right-hand corner, click "edit" and change name under "machine name" category.

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