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Genesis is a global leader in attachments for the scrap processing, demolition, material handling and offshore decommissioning industries. Their dedication to quality is found throughout their organization to provide high-performing products backed by unmatched customer service.
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Demolition Shears

The Genesis XT Mobile Shear is designed to process steel and other materials more efficiently in scrap and demolition applications and fit on smaller carriers.

  • All the power in a shorter, lighter shear
  • Bolt-on piercing tip encapsulates front of upper jaw, minimizing risk of damage while reducing welding build-up and downtime
  • Short primary cutting blades position the apex closer to the rear of the jaws and draw material further into the jaws where higher force makes efficient cuts
  • Lower shear height improves visibility
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Multi-Jaw Demolition Tools

The award-winning GRX Razer X Multi-Jaw Demolition Tool enables excavator operators to change jaw sets in less than 2 minutes, without leaving the cab.

  • Hydraulic pin engagement and removal for fast and safer jaw change-outs
  • Heavy-duty pivot design is integral to the jaw set, providing a power curve to match the jaw’s primary application
  • Reverse-mounted cylinder protects the rod from debris
  • Short, flat-top head with bolt-on bracket shortens the center of gravity, making it easy to change mounting for different carriers
  • Available in cracker, shear and pulverizer jaw configurations

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Concrete Pulverizers

The Genesis Concrete Pulverizer (also called a concrete processor) provides crushing force coupled with a large jaw opening for unmatched performance in demolition and concrete recycling applications.

  • One-piece bolt-on tooth bed is quick and easy to replace
  • One-piece lower wear pad protects the parent material
  • Bolt-on rebar cutting blades and weld-in blade pockets are easy to replace, reducing maintenance
  • Power is derived from a large-bore cylinder, eliminating the need for an intensifier

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