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Choose from a series of excavator and wheel loader buckets that are designed and built with the features you need to handle a wide range of materials and applications.

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Excavator Buckets

TL Bucket

TL Buckets are recommended for general purpose trenching and loading.

  • Tube Upper Structure
  • Flat Bottom Contour Design
  • Lip (T1)
  • 2-Piece Blade (T1)
  • Lower Kick Plate
  • Horizontal Wear Strips (Bottom)
  • Strike-offs/Side-Cutters
  • XS™ G.E.T. system
  • Optional
Recommended Applications: Dirt, Loam, Gravel, Loose Clay, Non-Abrasive Soils with Limited Rock

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HP Bucket

HP buckets are designed for strength and durability in abrasive applications with a heavy duty plate lip with wear plate.

Recommended Applications: 
Abrasive Soils, Compact or Dense Clay, Loose Rock and Gravel.

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HPS Bucket

HPS Buckets deliver a higher level of wear protection with a heavy duty plate lip wiht wear plate & wear strips for extended life in aggressively abrasive applications.

Recommended Applications: 
Abrasive Soils, Compact or Dense Clay, Sand, Rock and Gravel.

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HPX Bucket

HPX Buckets deliver productivity and long life in the toughest, most abrasive applications. Features a severe duty lip plate with wear plate, wear strips and extra protection.

  • Formed Beam Upper Structure
  • Dual Taper / Dual Radius Design
  • Lip (T1)
  • One Piece Blade (T1)
  • Lower Kick Plate
  • Upper Kick Plate
  • Bottom Wear Plate (400 Brinell)
  • Horizontal Wear Strips (400 Brinell)
  • Cast Weld-on Heel Shrouds
  • Increased Wear Material Thicknesses
  • Strike-offs/Side-cutters
  • XS™ G.E.T. system
  • Optional
Recommended Applications: 
Shot Rock, Stratified Materials, Quarry, Highly Abrasive Material

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Wheel Loader Buckets

GP Wheel Loader Bucket

GP wheel loader buckets are typically used in sand and gravel applications, truck loading and material handling 

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HD Wheel Loader Bucket

HD wheel loader bucket is used in applications that requires additional wear protection and greater penetration. Recommended for use in materials of low to medium abrasion, compacted soil, shot or broken limestone, or loose overburden material. 

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Rock Quarry Bucket

Rock quarry buckets are used in applications of extreme digging, high abrasion and high impact. 

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Coal Bucket

Coal bucket used for digging directly from the coal seam. 

  • Straight or Modified Spade Lip
  • Weld-on Flush Mount Adapters
  • Two Leg Wrap Around Adapters
  • Bolt-on Heel Plates
  • Optional
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