Customized maintenance programs for your operation

Customized maintenance programs for your operation

Your job is unique – your maintenance plans should be too.  We offer completely customized, guaranteed, short and long-term programs for your operation. From administration to project management, trades to technical support, and maintenance planning to inventory management, we have the experience and expertise to support your specific requirements. 



Start with a base program, and we’ll tailor a plan to meet your needs.

These solutions are customizable for your specific needs. Whether you want to guarantee operating costs, secure parts and manpower, or maximize uptime, we will design the right plan – let’s talk.

Block Labour & Master Services Agreements:

Our skilled and dedicated workforce ensures your equipment is properly maintained and operating reliably to maximize uptime. We manage the details so you can concentrate on your business. 

Pro Rata:

Manage risk with this option by basing major component prices on their expected life-cycle. This option sets a pro-rated replacement cost if a component doesn’t meet its benchmark.

Cost Cap:

Add assurance into your operation with life-cycle cost certainty. This plan allows for flexible maintenance strategies with a set cap on the total major component cost. 

Cost per Hour (CpH):

A tailored CpH program fits your specific requirements while providing predictable monthly maintenance costs.  Choose from full-machine parts coverage or a customized list of components for your operation.  Then decide between a fully-guaranteed CpH, or a plan that’s created with a risk/reward option at program maturity that fosters a collaborative approach between your operation and SMS Equipment.


Preventative Maintenance Solutions for Your Fleet
Using an effective and professionally planned distributor maintenance program reduces your total cost of ownership over the life of your machine.  It also keeps your equipment operating at its peak level of performance.
We offer a selection of three tiered programs to meet your needs:
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