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Aftermarket technologies help optimize Little Track's operations

Little Track equipped its Komatsu dozer with 3D aftermarket technologies installed by SMS Equipment. As a result, the company experienced significant improvements in operational efficiencies. This investment in new technologies has helped the company to complete some projects ahead of schedule and under budget. This year, his company completed a six-month canal rebuild in only five months.

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3 Situations Where Aftermarket Technology Makes Sense

The construction industry is rapidly adopting technology. Here’s how your fleet can keep pace.
The construction industry is forging ahead with on-machine technology.  Are you missing an opportunity to build technology into your construction fleet to increase savings, improve safety, and enhance work accuracy?  Are you risking your hard-earned business edge?  Our experts can help.
Aftermarket technology makes a lot of sense in these three common scenarios:
Adding aftermarket technology to older equipment models

Adding aftermarket technology to older equipment models

You’re not ready to invest in a new fleet and you don’t want to be left behind. So, how can you upgrade your existing fleet with new technology?
Go aftermarket. Our experts help customers strategically integrate after-market technology into their business and onto their existing fleet of equipment. And, there’s no age limit on the machine. Even older models can be equipped.  Plus, when you’re ready to upgrade, you can take the aftermarket technology with you.
Upgrade a new machine with new aftermarket technology

Upgrade a new machine with new aftermarket technology

Have a newer machine and want to add technology? No problem. 
New machines come prepped with the ability to add aftermarket technology, giving customers options. 
Interchange aftermarket technology between machines

Interchange aftermarket technology between machines

Inter-machine transferability is the key to convenience and cost-effectiveness. There are two components involved: wire-up and a cab kit.
One way to think about this is to imagine a new house. The house is prepped in advance for a sound system.  Add the TV, speakers, and hardware for your surround sound, and you’re ready to go! Same thing - equipment that’s prepped in advance.  Once we add the cab kit component, you’re fully operational. Plus, the cab kit is easily transferred to the next machine.

Expert advice and installations

Our technical solutions experts are dedicated specifically to your aftermarket technology requirements —including training and on-site support. Our smart construction team works alongside you, ensuring that you’re able to maximize your investment in technology.
When our experts do the wire-up, they also calibrate the machine. Every machine has its own calibration, which acts like a fingerprint. On installation, that calibration goes into the exterior component so that when you put it on that machine, it understands the machine’s measurements. Those files are easily transferable.
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