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The PC1250LC-11 engine power is 13% greater than the former model. This increased engine power provides greater hydraulic power and up to 8% faster cycle times than the PC1250LC-8. This advantage shows up in faster digging and boom up, arm out swing cycle segments.

The PC1250LC-11 uses a cab mount damping system that incorporates long stroke vibration isolators. This cab mounting system combined with a strengthened left and right side decks, aids vibration reduction at the operator’s seat. An upgraded 7” color monitor is now 40% larger than the previous model and incorporates the updated operator interface introduced on the smaller Dash 11 Komatsu excavator models.

A new 4 camera bird’s eye vision system provides improved visibility around the machine, a real benefit when working around trucks on a busy loading area. An updated monitor interface provides an overhead bird’s eye view, selectable single camera views or a full screen viewing mode.

A new hydraulic powered access ladder provides significantly easier access to the operator cab and walk ways. When lowered, the ladder provides a 45 degree stair, when raised, it stores out of the way in a vertical position. The access ladder is available factory installed or as a field installation kit. When working in elevated positions on the boom and arm, tie off points provide anchors for technician harness lanyards.

KOMTRAX Plus provides expanded machine monitoring beyond KOMTRAX using Iridium® satellite and wireless LAN communication modes. Advanced Iridium® satellite communication technology provides uninterrupted KOMTRAX data transmission in remote locations. Machine health and performance can be analyzed from a remote location in a near real time basis including component condition and trend data.

A wide center walkway provides easy access to key inspection and maintenance areas. Additionally, grouped inspection and maintenance points facilitate efficient service in checks.