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Reference Guide

ePortal Parts Store Quick Reference Guide

Download the reference guide to get quick tips on how to use the ePortal parts store and learn all the latest features and benefits.

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MyKomatsu: ePortal & Komatsu Parts
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MyKomatsu: ePortal & Komatsu Parts

Watch how you can easily order serial-specific parts from for Komatsu machines in your fleet through the SMS Equipment ePortal parts store.

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Frequently Asked Questions


There are two ways to register for an ePortal account:
  1. Reach out to your PSSR and express interest in having an ePortal Account
  2. Simply go to the online parts store and follow the link for “Create an Account”
Create an account

Registration can take up to 1-2 business days. 
Why? At SMS we want your online experience to be familiar to you, we work with you and your local parts counter to ensure the account is set up and configured to meet your online buying needs.

At this time no, however SMS Equipment is working on exciting product enhancements for ePortal that will allow you to shop online without being logged in to your account.

Go to and click “Forgot Password” then follow the prompts on screen.  Some customers have multiple staff log in using the same email address, therefore to reset your password you will need both your User Name as well as the email address for your account.  Not sure of your User name or email, reach out to us at and we would be glad to help get you logged back in.

Ordering & Order Status

You can easily check availability in two locations while using ePortal.
  1. Once you search for a Part Number the availability will be listed with the returned search
  2. Once you have added parts to your cart you can always open your cart and see a summary that will show which parts are available and which ones are back ordered

Absolutely, just add it to your cart and complete the checkout process.  Someone at your Branch will contact you as soon as possible and update you on the estimated shipping date for the back ordered part.  You can even decide if the branch will hold your order until it is complete, or if you want us to ship it in multiple orders so you get the parts that are in stock immediately.


All ePortal orders are routed to your local branch parts counter instantly. From there a Parts Tech will be in touch with you ASAP.

Yes, unless there is an ePortal Online Promotion.  During these promotions all ePortal users can take advantage of discounted pricing.

Upon submitting your ePortal order, you will get an automated email informing you we received the order complete with your confirmation number.  If the local Parts Tech has questions, they will reach out to you directly.

In ePortal users can easily check the status of existing orders, all orders will be classified as Submitted or Completed.  For orders still showing in a Submitted state, users can open the order page and find expected delivery dates as well as see a list of any back ordered parts associated with the order.

For your online order you can select to pay via PO or Credit Card (Visa & Master Card).  If you would like to pick up your order in person you can pay using any method supported by your local branch parts counter.

Yes, your confirmation number can be linked to your sales order number (which you will also receive as part of the confirmation email).


Certain manufacture parts/components are capable of being rebuilt.  The core charge is the value the manufacture has placed on the rebuildable portion of the of part/component.  You will be charged the core charge on purchase of the product to encourage you to return that part/component for remanufacturing.  Don’t worry, receiving the refund is easy.  Simply return the original part/component with the original invoice and we can process the return.  To return the core for refund you can bring it in person or ship to your local branch (all fluids must be drained prior to returning the core).  If you choose to ship the core to us, all shipping costs are the customers responsibility.

Shipping & Pick up

Absolutely, as part of the checkout process you can enter the ship to location.  If you need multiple ship to locations you can add that to the Notes/Comments section of the order.  All Notes/Comments are sent to the local Parts Tech to ensure we fulfil the order as expected.

Of course, as part of the checkout process there is an option to “Pick up at Branch” and then you can select your nearest Branch Location.

At this time, only your home SMS Branch is shown in ePortal.  If you require your order to be available at a different branch than your home branch, you can find all of our locations at

At this time, SMS does not have a supported drop box network. That said, we continue to evaluate drop boxes and if this changes we will be sure to send you an update.

We acknowledge all orders are different and therefore estimating delivery times is difficult.  That is why we have designed our workflow to ensure our Parts Tech’s update our customers on the status of their order.

Contact your local SMS Branch for warranty support.  You can find your nearest branch through the SMS Website or through the SMS E-Portal site where you purchased the parts online.

Find your nearest branch

No, you will not see your shipping costs as part of your online order.  Prior to your order being completed and ready for shipping, your local Parts Tech will reach out to you and confirm shipping methods and costs.

Cancellations & Refunds

Currently the only way to cancel an existing order is to call your local Parts Counter.

Contact Us

Contact your local SMS Branch to arrange for return, refund or exchange.  Please note that restocking and freight charges may apply.  Also note that items that have an expiration date (e.g. oils, filters, gaskets and other rubber goods) may not be eligible for return.

Contact Us

Contact your local SMS Branch to discuss return shipping details.

Contact Us
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