November 10, 2021  

PREVIEW: Mining Newsletter Issue #1

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Getting the most from safety technology

That data is in! Thanks to the wide deployment of collision avoidance and other advanced safety technologies, their potential to save lives and boost productivity has been proven beyond a doubt. What's less obvious is how the maximum benefits of these technologies are achieved in real-world scenarios. In this issue of Experts Corner, SMS Equipment's Smart Mining Solutions expert Shawn Tetreault reveals some of the key guidelines for achieving this.
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A: Safety is something the industry is continuously getting better at, and that's a global phenomenon. So safety is a matter of keeping up with global standards, and technology has become a big part of that based on its track record. Some countries have gone as far as mandating safety technology - South Africa is a prime example. Canada hasn't mandated anything like this yet, but mines are looking to the future, and the technology is now well established.

Another issue is that operators with twenty or thirty years of experience are retiring, and mines will have to fill their jobs with younger operators who expect technology to help them with their work. So it's not just about reducing incidents - it's about attracting the next generation workforce, and giving them the tools they need to be confident and productive.
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Q: How does technology make mines safer?

Q: What are the keys to successful deployment?

Q: What advice do you give to senior managers who are new to the technology?

Q: Any last words?

Wabtec's Collision Awareness System – Surface offering can be deployed with various proximity detection methods, including GPS, radio frequency (RF), VLF magnetic and cameras to provide one of the most effective high integrity systems on the market.

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