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BOMAG’s RS 650 stabilizer/recycler delivers high daily output with low maintenance costs

March 7, 2022
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Key profitability factors in soil stabilization or cold recycling include machine utilization and daily output. Of course, production rates vary depending on several factors, but BOMAG’s largest stabilizer/recycler, the RS 650, delivers on both counts, according to Product Specialist Shawn Prater. 

“With a 480-kilowatt (643-hp) engine, it has a lot of horsepower to handle big soil stabilization or asphalt reclamation projects,” said Prater. “It has a maximum depth of 24 inches, which is the deepest of any reclaimer/stabilizer in the industry. The machine’s unique structure with articulated steer mainframe and a rear steerable axle enables excellent handling even in the toughest conditions, and ground contact is guaranteed at all times. The powerful 4x4 all-wheel drive ensures excellent forward drive, even on deep, heavy ground. An oscillating rear axle and low center of gravity gives it great stability.”

A unique steering concept

Four different steering modes allows the RS 650 to achieve a tight turning radius. With an all-around view, the operator is able to turn the stabilizer/recycler quickly and safely even in confined conditions or embankments, increasing daily output by reducing turning times and reverse maneuvers.

Soil modification to asphalt recycling

The 27,900-kilogram (61,509-pound) RS 650 has the ability to handle a variety of tasks. In soils, it can be used to aerate existing materials or to mix in stabilizing agents such as fly ash, lime or powdered cement to improve and solidify subsurfaces for backfilling, anti-frost layers and bases.

“In any area where there is a high clay content, including a lot of areas in Canada, soil modification is necessary before construction of roads, building pads and parking lots,” said Prater. “The RS 650 is perfect for getting that job done.”

As an asphalt recycler, the RS 650 chews up old and damaged blacktop, as well as the existing base layer. Those materials can then be crushed and mixed in with new binders to create a stronger base. An on-board system allows operators to inject water, calcium chloride, polymers and emulsions if needed to further stabilize the base before asphalt. 


With BOMAG’s FLEXMIX system, the RS 650 offers the highest-quality results with optimized costs, great flexibility with different materials, and the perfect mixing results. Accurate metering with the fully automatic liquid injection system and the high-precision flow measuring system ensures a precise application injection rate. The spray widths can be individually set on the metering computer to prevent overwatering in the case of overlapping milled tracks.

Hydrostatic drive with less wear items

Prater emphasized that the BOMAG uses a hydrostatic rotor drive, one of the few in the industry to do so. Operators can adjust the 11-increment rotor speed to meet their specific needs and guarantee the best mix quality with low wear and fuel consumption. A mixing rotor driven by two planetary gear units provides maximum performance for all applications. 

“There are no sheaves, belts, sprockets and chains with the hydrostatic drive,” said Prater. “Fewer wear items reduces maintenance and repair costs and increases machine availability and output. The drive is not exposed, so debris and dirt can’t get in. It’s virtually maintenance free.

The hydrostatic rotor drive features an overload protection system that automatically relieves if obstacles are encountered that could cause the drive to overload, such as manhole covers or buried objects. Pressure relief valves open, preventing damage to the mechanical gearbox.

BOMAG further reduced maintenance costs with easy access to change wear parts such as cutting teeth on the standard 2,400-millimeter (94-inch) rotor; an optional 2,600-millimeter (102-inch) rotor is also available. The compressed air system enables the use of pneumatic tools to remove the teeth. New ones are put on with the provided brass hammer. During the change, all machine functions can be deactivated for increased safety.

“The process is quick, easy and increases productivity,” said Prater

Comfortable, high-visibility cab

Prater added that BOMAG knows that comfortable operators are more productive. The centrally located rotor allows work on the left and the right of the milling edge. This gives the operator an ergonomic working position on both sides, and they can easily shift from one to the other. The seat can be turned 45 degrees. 

“The joystick controls are fairly intuitive,” Prater explained. “The right runs travel forward/reverse and brake set. The left controls steering and the cutter.”

The cab raises for operation, and at full height offers 360-degree visibility. On busy sites, everything remains in sight, and the high-up work position and large windows provide a perfect view of the working edges. It lowers for easier transport when the machine is not in use.

“Some competitors have great visibility off the front, but operators have to rely on cameras to see everything else around the machine,” said Prater. “That’s not always ideal. The RS 650 does have four standard cameras, so if the operator wants to use them, they can. The ability to see all around the machine at all times offers better operation and increases safety.
“It’s an all-around great machine,” added Prater. “We encourage anyone looking for a large stabilizer/recycler to contact their distributor to set up a demonstration.”

Quick Specs for BOMAG's RS650 Cold Recycling & Soil Stabilizer

Tier 4 Final

71209 lb (32300 metric tons)

8′6″ (2400 m)

23 ″ (600 mm)

653 HP @1,900 rpm (487 kW @1,900 rpm)
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