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Stabilizing and recycling reinforces subsoils and allows the replacement of damaged bitumen road surface layers.

The BOMAG RS 650 can be used as a recycler or soil stabilizer. When used as a recycler, old and damaged blacktop surfaces including the base layer can be torn up, crushed and mixed in with new binders. As a soil stabilizer, it is used for mixing in lime, cement, or other binders with the existing material to improve the soils and to solidify soil sub-surfaces in backfilling, anti-frost layers and base layers.

The central lubrication system which is supplied as standard ensures all components run like clockwork. Special radiators ensure low dust adhesion. Large volume radiators with ample cooling reserves also provide adequate capacity for difficult conditions. Cleaning the radiator is made significantly easier by avoiding “sandwich radiators” and using compressed air in situ supplied by the standard equipment compressor. This ensures high availability and the lowest wear.


  • 1 pump and 3 travel motors
  • Non-spin rear axle
  • Powerful 4x4 all-wheel drive for permanent forward drive
  • Anti-Slip Control (ASC)

With BOMAG TELEMATIC any machine is only a mouse click away. Retrieve location and operating data at any time and manage your fleet more efficiently. Automatic reports provide full transparency on fuel consumption, idle times and potential for fleet optimization. Real-time illustration of total service planning and history comes with BOMAG TELEMATIC.

  • FLEXMIX for highest quality with optimized costs
  • Great flexibility in use with different materials
  • Perfect mixing results forwards and reverse

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