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Technical Product Specialist Supervisor

Meet Thierry Wilson

Thierry Wilson had a unique start to his heavy equipment technician career. In 2006, he came out of school and started his apprenticeship with Federal Equipment in Quebec, one of the companies that would merge to become SMS Equipment a few years later. Within six months, he was working as an apprentice field technician, where he honed his troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.

Field of dreams

Field of dreams

"I loved working in the field. You have to rely on ingenuity – your knowledge, experience and skills – to solve the problem. And there's great satisfaction when you figure it out. It's the best feeling you can get," Thierry says with a smile.

That's because a customer is waiting for that machine to be up and running to continue operating their business and gaining productivity.

"Our customers need our help. They call us because we have the knowledge and experience to provide the best level of service to them. They're relieved to see you when you arrive on-site; you're the star when you fix the problem."

Tackling customer challenges is a team sport for Thierry Wilson

Thierry is still passionate about serving SMS Equipment's customers, now he's just supporting them differently. Ten years ago, he moved to the technical support group to assist and support the field technicians working on customer sites all over SMS Equipment territory. Then, two years ago, he became the supervisor of the technical support group for Eastern Canada.

Now, he's got the best of both worlds. He's still troubleshooting, serving customers and helping his co-workers without subjecting himself to the rigours of year-hard outdoor work.

"My work is enjoyable. It's great when you can provide input to someone working in the field, and it's a team effort to solve the problem for our customers."

One close-knit group

When Thierry reflects on what it means to work for SMS Equipment, his answer is instant. "It feels like a tight-knit community. Even as we get bigger, we're still a close team."

In his role supporting technicians from different regions, he's been able to connect and collaborate with more co-workers than ever before, and he always finds them to be welcoming and friendly.

But Thierry quickly points out that the closeness doesn't only apply to employees. "Our customers are also part of our community. Whether they're the biggest, the smallest or in between, they're all important and deserve the same high quality of service."

Open to future innovation

That's been true for the first 15 years at SMS Equipment (and before), and he's confident that will continue to be the case for the next 15.

Looking to the future, Thierry believes that SMS Equipment's continued openness to embracing new technologies and pushing for innovation will be essential.

"If we remain open-minded and drive for new technology, we will always be leaders in the industry."
Thierry Wilson
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