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AJSS is a feedback steering system which has been incorporated to allow steering, forward and reverse direction to be controlled by wrist and finger. With the feedback function, the machine steering angle is the same angle as the lever tilt angle.

The engine output function has "2 modes", Economy or Power. They are selected and controlled automatically. P mode is selected only when digging and approaching the dump truck. This "2 mode" engine control contributes to the reduction of the fuel rate and also improves reliability and durability.

Monitor is mounted in front of the operator for easy viewing, allowing the operator to easily check gauges and warning lights.

To enhance loading performance when using large buckets with extra dumping clearance and reach, the hi-cab is standard equipment. From the operator vantage point, 6380 mm / 20'11" from the ground, the seated operator has an unobstructed full view of the bucket and the inside of a 240-ton truck body.

Komatsu wheel loaders have high-tensile steel Z-bar loader linkages for maximum rigidity and maximum breakout force. Sealed loader linkage pins extend greasing intervals.

The front, rear frames and the loader linkage have increased torsional rigidity for stress resistance. Frame and loader linkage are designed and computer tested for proven strength to accommodate actual working loads.

With the "Vehicle Speed Dial", you can set the maximum vehicle speed of 1st. and 2nd. at any level from 3km/h 2 mph to max. This means the operator can adjust the cycle time between the material and the dump truck. As the loading cycle time is shortened, productivity is improved.

Traction can be set at any level within 20 - 100% with the "Traction Control Dial" located on the left front of the dash. You can set the maximum traction force according to the condition of the road, material and type of work. This can greatly increase fuel efficiency and extend the service life of tires.

When approaching the dump truck,
1) The modulated clutch is controlled automatically to raise the bucket faster, while reducing forward travel speed. This reduction in travel speed reduces the braking requirement and the time to approach the dump truck is shortened.
2) This combination also reduces torque loss and smooths the operation.

The WA1200-6 is equipped with the largest bucket in its class at 20.0 m³ / 26.2 yd³. Komatsu’s bucket is designed for easy loading with little spillage. This, combined with the highest traction and breakout force available, makes a loader which achieves high bucket fill factors and maximum production.

A trainer seat is provided for operator instruction. The seat belt is attached to the trainer seat the same way as the operator seat. The trainer seat can be folded up when not in use.