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Superb swing power and speed with an ultra-capacitor that captures energy then charges and discharges rapidly to power the electric swing motor.

Great engine response, performance and efficiency with an engine-mounted motor/generator powered by the capacitor, which provides up to a 40 hp boost to the engine.

Control costs and reduce your carbon footprint with a hybrid energy conservation system that combines with Tier 4 Final technology for up to 20% fuel savings compared to the non-hybrid excavator design.

Reduce unnecessary fuel consumption and exhaust emissions with Komatsu auto idle, which automatically reduces engine RPM after four seconds of inactivity. Auto-idle shutdown offers further savings and can be easily programmed from five to 60 minutes.

Operators work in a comfortable environment: a wide, spacious cab, fully adjustable seating, low-vibration cab damper mounting, a pressurized cabin with air filter, automatic climate control and more.

Track valuable machine data with the KomtraxTM remote equipment monitoring and management system, standard and with no subscription fees. KomtraxTM also provides advanced machine troubleshooting capabilities by continuously monitoring machine health.

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No interest for 48 months on new Komatsu excavators

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