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A powerful Komatsu SAA6D114E-6 engine provides a net output of 201 kW 269 HP. This engine is EPA Tier 4 Final emissions certified.

Large displacement hydraulic implement pumps provide high flow output at lower engine RPM as well as operation at the most efficient engine speed.

An electric swing motor-generator recovers energy during swing braking. The motor-generator also accelerates the swing of the upper structure more efficiently than a conventional hydraulic motor and provides excellent swing performance. Dedicated lubrication and cooling systems are used for reliability and durability.

A motor-generator is positioned between the engine and hydraulic pumps to assist in rapid engine response from ultra low idle when required. The generator produces electric power and charges the capacitor when required.

The ultra-capacitor assembly includes an inverter that switches the AC electricity from the generator motor and swing motor into DC electricity for storage in the capacitor. Since capacitors require migration of electrons and ions for charging and discharging, they can transfer power much faster than batteries, which use chemical reactions to produce electricity. The industrial quality designed inverter and capacitor provide long service life, and require no periodic maintenance.

The hybrid system operating status can be easily displayed on the monitor to show how energy is flowing through the system components which include capacitor charging/ discharging and engine assist by the generator/motor.

A temperature controlled viscous fan clutch improves engine efficiency and reduces engine power requirements when operating in cooler temperatures.

Images from 4 camera's are combined to display a "birds eye" view of the area around the machine for improved operator awareness. A second display with selectable individual camera views of the left, rear, and right sides is easily changed using the F4 button. A red line continuously shows where the counterweight will be during swinging and a camera icon indicates which camera is being displayed on individual camera display screen.

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