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Komatsu's Largest Truck Ever

June 12, 2017
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Komatsu’s new 980E-4 mining haul truck with a 400-ton payload capacity has features that improve performance, vehicle control and handling, as well as combat rugged and other less-than-ideal conditions.

Mining customers asked for a bigger truck and Komatsu answered the call with its largest ever model, the new 980E-4. The 3,500-horsepower electric-drive 980E-4 brings to market a true 400-ton payload, increasing productivity and efficiency in a mining operation. The 980E-4 is an optimal match for today’s large loading tools, typically loading in three to five passes (55 to 99 cubic yards). Paired with Komatsu’s PC8000 mining shovel, the 980E-4 is a superb production machine.

“Building on the foundation of the 960E, Komatsu was able to expedite the development of this new truck, while maintaining our strict standards of design, testing and product quality,” said Komatsu Product Manager Tom Stedman. “We have every confidence this new model will reliably deliver high productivity.”

A payload management system (PLM IV) allows mines to track payloads, cycle times, load counts, frame torque and much more. Businesses can store more than 20,000 downloadable records of data, while using PLM IV to monitor truck production and prevent overload conditions.

Komatsu designed the 980E-4 to improve truck performance and lower per-ton costs. Its features include a powerful 18-cylinder diesel engine that’s comparable to other trucks in the 400-ton class for speed on grade, while maintaining a high stall torque capacity for mines with soft underfoot conditions. The AC electric-drive system enables efficient operations even in deep-pit applications.

Drivers will appreciate the excellent vehicle control and handling that comes from a high-capacity retarding package that provides longer life and improved horsepower for downhill descents. The electric, dynamic retardation force maintains constant downhill speed or decelerates without the frequent use of brakes.

Meeting rugged conditions head on

To combat rough conditions, the 980E-4 uses a continuous horse-collar and ladder-type frame that provides long life and long-term reliability. A new dump body incorporates high-tensile strength and abrasion-resistant steel, giving it a rugged-chassis construction that’s able to withstand the rigors of off-road hauling.

“For several years, many of our customers have been asking Komatsu for a 400-ton electric-drive rear dump truck with the reliability of our flagship model, the 930E,” said Stedman. “With the release of the 980E-4, we now have a product to meet this market demand.”

Quick Specs on Komatsu’s 980E-4 Mining Truck
Model - 980E-4
Net Horsepower - 3,500 hp 
Operating Weight - 1.3785 million lb
Payload Capacity - 400 ton

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