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Komatsu Unveils Dedicated Autonomous Haul Truck at MINExpo

October 7, 2017
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Komatsu Ltd. unveiled at MINExpo International an "Innovative Autonomous Haulage Vehicle" developed exclusively as an unmanned haul truck -- with no cab -- to maximize the advantages of unmanned operation. Komatsu plans a market introduction in the near future.

By distributing equal load to the four wheels both when the vehicle is loaded and unloaded, and adopting four-wheel drive, retarder and steering, Komatsu is aiming for high-performance shuttling of this vehicle in both forward and reverse travel directions, thereby totally eliminating the need for K-turns at loading and unloading sites.

The company expects the new vehicle to considerably improve the productivity at mines where existing unmanned haulage vehicles face challenging conditions, such as slippery ground due to frequent rain/snow fall as well as confined spaces for loading.

Komatsu commercialized Autonomous Haulage System (AHS) in 2008. Since then, AHS dump trucks have hauled over 1 billion tons (cumulative) of overburden and minerals at large-scale mines mainly in Chile and Australia. By continuing its efforts to optimize the performance of mining equipment and aggressively promote remote control and unmanned machine operation, Komatsu plans to help its mining customers significantly improve their productivity.

Product Specifications

  • Nominal Gross Vehicle Weight: 416 metric tons
  • Nominal Payload: 230 metric tons
  • Gross power output: 2,700 hp (2014 kW)
  • Maximum Speed: 40 mph (64 kph)
  • Turning Radius: 52 ft. (15.9 m)
  • Total Length: 49 ft. (15 m)
  • Total Width: 28 ft. (8.5 m)
  • Tire Size: 59/80R63