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Komatsu’s latest mining grader breaks ground in Ontario

January 10, 2024
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As new mines transition into the critical production phase, graders often play an essential role, constructing and maintaining ramps and haul roads, and creating graded work areas for maximum safety and efficiency. Komatsu’s GD955-7, the most powerful grader in its class, is filling that need as it makes its Canadian debut at Argonaut Gold’s Magino mine, located 40 km northeast of Wawa, Ontario.

The GD955-7, which has proven itself in Australia’s rugged mining environment, is well matched for the harsh terrain and weather conditions that define Canadian mining. Critical to its adaptability is its blade downforce, which is the highest in its class. At 47 tonnes and 426 horsepower, the machine leads its class in both operating weight and power, and it also boasts the longest wheelbase for maximum stability, and the fastest operating speed to ensure maximum productivity. Overall, the machine can grade 33% more area per hour than the GD825A-2 with standard 5.5m blade.

Quick specs for the GD955-7
  • Operating weight: 103,044 lb (46,740 kg)
  • Blade width: 18' (5,486 mm) ~ 20' optional
  • Engine power: 426 HP (318 kW) @ 1,900 rpm

A number of features help make the GD955-7 ideal for demanding work schedules in remote regions. The unit is equipped with KOMTRAX, Komatsu’s remote equipment monitoring and management system, which keeps observers up to date on key operational indicators. KOMTRAX Plus, an optional feature, allows the machine to be monitored by satellite, helping remote maintenance and operations teams keep the equipment operating at full productive capacity.

The GD955-7’s maintainability is also a key to keeping the machine in top form under all conditions. Service areas are conveniently located and easy to access, with maintenance information prominently displayed. Because the main structure was completely redesigned for mining environments, its durability life is 30% longer than earlier models. Extended component lives help keep the machine operating without interruption.

Unique to the GD955-7 is its blade swing circle which is maintenance free with no need for adjustment or replacement of wear plates. With a targeted bearing life of over 16,000 hours, the feature drastically reduces downtime.

The GD955-7 is also designed with the operator in mind. The comfortable cab has the latest finger-tip control, state-of-the-art screens, and 360-degree visibility by means of a 5-camera roof mounted system. Sightlines also give the operator visibility of the front wheels, providing extra confidence. Operators also report that the unit is surprisingly quiet for such a large machine.

For mines concerned about meeting sustainability targets, the GD955-7 employs the latest Tier-4 emissions technologies, reducing NOx emissions with a minimal requirement for DEF fluids.

SMS Equipment is pleased to introduce and support one of the first of these exceptional machines to arrive in Canada. The SMS Equipment team of mining experts helps mines evaluate how a machine like the GD955-7 can help meet their production targets, and the SMS Equipment support organization provides the service support that mines require to ensure that the machine operates at its full capacity.

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