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Detailed daily, weekly and monthly working information, comprehensive reports, email alerts, job site management, geofencing and maintenance tracking.

KOMTRAX for construction equipment is Komatsu’s state of the art remote real-time data access for equipment health monitoring and fleet performance optimization.

KOMTRAX gives you the knowledge to empower you to make fact-based, strategic business decisions regarding your machines and their operations. This pays off in increased productivity and availability, proactive support, smarter management, and much more.

Best of all, KOMTRAX is 100% free to use. There is no subscription charge to access your equipment’s data or use the KOMTRAX website for the life of the machine!

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KOMTRAX Review Session

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New and Improved Features

New and Improved Features

Komatsu standardized KOMTRAX in construction-sized machines in 2007.  As the equipment and technology has evolved, so has KOMTRAX. With KOMATSU committed to growing the technology to meet the needs of the customer, we are now in our 5th generation of reporting capabilities.


The latest version of KOMTRAX is more interactive and has a powerful user interface

The latest version of KOMTRAX is more interactive and has a powerful user interface

to provide not only easy access to your data, but also the analytics required to optimize your equipment’s performance and health. You will have the real-time visibility to know the status of your entire equipment fleet and that it is ready to work – no matter what device you are using, whether a smartphone, tablet or computer.
The new KOMTRAX website features include:

  • Google Maps
  • More on-demand reports and KPIs
  • Better search capabilities
  • Job site management
  • Easy to configure analytics
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No Matter How Remote, KOMTRAX Will Keep You Informed

No Matter How Remote, KOMTRAX Will Keep You Informed

KOMTRAX is a cellular based reporting system. No need to worry about coverage in remote locations, as we have the ability to convert KOMTRAX to report via satellite, which extends coverage to even the most remote locations. Regardless of location, you have options to ensure your machine is reporting.

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