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Komatsu PC490LCi-11 and IMC 2.0 promote significant productivity gains

January 30, 2024
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Designed to lessen the skills gap between new and experienced operators and help improve the bottom line for contractors, Komatsu’s largest intelligent Machine Control (IMC) 2.0 excavator, the PC490LCi-11, offers sophisticated productivity-enhancing automation. An excellent match for excavation, trenching, slope work or fine grading, the PC490LCi-11 helps minimize over-excavation to empower operators to dig straight to grade quickly and accurately.

Built on Komatsu’s IMC platform and developed with input from leading construction companies, IMC 2.0 offers additional new features.

Both features build upon the semi-automatic functions that were part of the first generation of IMC excavators, including the ability to switch from manual to semi-automatic mode. The existing technology and new features can help increase production and efficiency while reducing costs.

Upgraded IMC monitor

A new 10.4-inch IMC monitor features increased memory capacity, processing speed and pinch-to-zoom functionality in a smaller lightweight package for improved performance and ease of use.

Bucket angle hold control

The new bucket angle hold control helps operators reach final grade with speed and precision. It automatically holds the bucket angle to the design surface during arm operation, enabling operators to perform finish grading using only arm input.

Quick Specs
Net horsepower
359 HP (268 kW) @1,900 rpm
Operating weight
107,850 lb (48,920 kg)
Max bucket capacity
4.15 yd3 (3.17 m3)
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