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Transform Your Job Sites with Advanced Automation

Transform Your Job Sites with Advanced Automation

Using Komatsu’s innovative Intelligent Machine Control (IMC), you can program 3D design data directly into your machines. Your operators, regardless of their experience, can work with outmost efficiency, guided by sophisticated automation. You can be confident you’re getting the most from your machines, your crew, and your carefully designed plan.

Talk to our SMART Construction experts about how the new Komatsu IMC 2.0 Excavators can deliver higher levels of productivity.

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Work Smarter in Every Way

Work Smarter in Every Way

Up to 30% Savings! Monitor performance and stay on grade from the cab. Operators spend time working, not grade checking.
Reduce staking, grading and inspection with 3D design data and semi-automatic grading. Get back as much as 63% more time for other work.

Monitor performance and stay on grade from the cab. Operators spend time working, not grade checking. Up to a 56% improvement!

Continuously monitor grade and semi-automatics to dig precisely to grade. Experience up to 33% improvement!

Greatly reduce over-digging and the amount of costly base aggregate needed for applications like utilities. Use up to 47% less aggregate!

IMC 2.0 Excavator Features

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Assists the operator in aligning the bucket parallel with the slope, so finish grading can be accomplished without having to align the machine with the target surface.

Provides real-time position that is immediately displayed to the operator. This is an improvement over conventional aftermarket machine guidance (indicate only) systems with tilt sensors that require time to stabilize.

Your operators can finish grade quickly and accurately with a bucket angle hold control that automatically holds the bucket angle to the design surface during arm operation, enabling operators to perform finish grading using only arm input.

To help eliminate potential damage during boom or bucket operation, the machine automatically stops when the bucket edge reaches the design surface.

IMC controls the bucket by automatically selecting the point closest to the target surface, which minimizes operator input while providing higher accuracy and grading confidence.

The monitor of Komatsu Intelligent Machine Control (control box) uses a large touchscreen for visibility and ease of use. The simple screen layout displays the necessary information in an easily understood fashion. Touch screen icon interface instead of multi-step menu simplifies the operation.

A fully integrated grade assist automatically traces the target surface to minimize over digging. A built-in facing angle compass ensures the machine is aligned with the target surface.

Semi-auto/manual mode switching and design surface offset function can be operated with switches on the control levers.

Featured Komatsu IMC 2.0 Excavators

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