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SMS Equipment partners with Komatsu, Discovery on reality TV series

June 16, 2023
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Two of the biggest names in heavy equipment will get a moment in the TV spotlight this spring on the new season of Hoffman Family Gold. SMS Equipment and Komatsu have partnered with Discovery on the reality TV series that chronicles one family’s pursuit to strike gold in Alaska’s wilderness. The highly anticipated sequel to season one premiers this week, with an exciting new twist.

“We jumped at the opportunity to showcase Komatsu’s leading-edge products and SMS Equipment’s customized support services on the new season of Hoffman Family Gold,” says Denise Gohl-Eacrett, Director of Marketing and Communications.

“Innovation in machinery and the technology that powers it has a significant role in the success of North America’s mining industry. Highly skilled support services are essential to keep that equipment performing at its best. We’re excited to contribute both to the Hoffmans’ quest.”

A new approach for the season

Hoffman Family Gold, a spin-off of Discovery’s #1 hit series Gold Rush, follows miner Todd Hoffman, his father Jack, son Hunter and a veteran crew of gold miners as they seek to revive a rundown mine 100 kilometres north of Nome, Alaska. While the show’s first season was riddled with equipment challenges in the face of the remote location, rugged terrain and unforgiving weather conditions, this season will take a different approach: the team will use a full line-up of new Komatsu products, including articulated trucks, excavators and wheel loaders.

In addition to partnering with Komatsu to provide machinery to the show, SMS Equipment established a dedicated maintenance team to provide 24-7 mobile service and support. Komatsu-certified technician Ron Fetzko lived and worked on-site for the duration of filming and was supported by a team at SMS Equipment’s Anchorage branch.
From reality TV to real life

From reality TV to real life

While the dynamics of reality TV may seem out of the ordinary, the conditions, logistics and timelines depicted on the show are anything but, clarifies Fetzko.

“This is a full-production gold mine and we had a very real deadline,” he says. “The machinery, service and problem solving viewers will see on-screen directly translate to the work we do with our mining customers every day.”

The ability to showcase SMS Equipment’s strengths was a key factor in partnering on the series, adds Gohl-Eacrett.

“Our participation in the show highlights our dedication to helping our customers succeed,” she says. “SMS Equipment is here to provide high-quality, reliable solutions to mining, construction and forestry businesses facing challenging conditions, extreme cold, remote locations.”

Hoffman Family Gold premiers Tuesday, June 20 on Discovery. Episodes can also be streamed on Discovery+ in Canada and Discovery MAX the United States.

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