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Komatsu D375A-8 crawler dozer features serious upgrades

October 6, 2021
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Increased power in reverse to optimize productivity and reduce cycle times, customer-inspired improvements to ride comfort and ergonomics, and an available 10-year/60,000-hour mainframe warranty highlight some of the key changes to Komatsu's latest crawler dozer.

Engine evolution

Komatsu's D375A-8 crawler dozer boasts a powerful EPA Tier 4 Final certified engine, which features: Komatsu's hydraulically-controlled EGR system; variable geometry turbocharger (VGT); dual diesel particulate  filters; Komatsu's closed crankcase ventilation (KCCV); electronic engine control; and auto-idle shutdown to reduce fuel consumption. 
"The Komatsu Tier 4 Engine components work harmoniously with each other to provide the correct horsepower required by the operator in their application," says Darren Chvojka, mining sales representative for SMS  Equipment.  
The passive and active Tier 4 regeneration occurs without the requirement of operator input and does not impede the operation of the dozer.

All of the following features help to achieve compliance with EPA requirements without the need for DEF:

• The electronic engine controller;
• High precision fuel injection;
• Proprietary KVGT (responsive variable airflow to the engine), KCCV,
• and EGR (recirculates a portion of cooled crankcase exhaust gas
back in the intake); and
• KDPF (reduces particulate matter).
Performance and productivity have also been enhanced with the new Komatsu engine featuring an additional 20% more horsepower in reverse (over 40% in reverse compared to the previous model on 13% grade), offering faster cycle times, resulting in increased productivity.

"The extra power is really beneficial when you're in a downhill push and reversing to take your next cut," Chvojka says.

Operational costs were engineered to be kept at a minimum with the new engine and the adoption of dual diesel particulate filters. DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) is not required on the D375A-8.
Blade support redesign

Blade support redesign

Another key feature of the Komatsu D375A-8 crawler dozer is the redesigned blade support structure.

"We introduced a single-brace design with fewer maintenance points. This blade support structure drastically reduces the amount of blade shake – or side-to-side sway – that a lot of operators were familiar with when the previous blade structure wasn't well maintained," says Joe Sollitt, senior product manager for Komatsu America Corporation (KAC).

There are also fewer shimmable joints to this blade support structure and fewer grease maintenance points than the previous model.

The trunnions are 30-per-cent larger than on the previous model, and they come with replaceable trunnion bushings. Further, the trunnion balls themselves can be rotated and put back into service to reduce maintenance costs.

Customer-inspired comfort

Komatsu spent significant time with customers receiving feedback to maximize operator comfort in the D375A-8 crawler dozer. 
Ride comfort has been vastly improved by increasing the oscillation angle of the minor bogies, reducing the oscillation angle of the equalizer bar, adding rubber to soften the impact, and enhancing cabin isolators. 
Improved visibility in the cab allows operators to clearly see the blade's corners and the ripper tip. 
The D375A-8 crawler dozer has a redesigned high-capacity operator seat that features: 
• Air suspension with a variable damper; 
• Increased cushion thickness from 53 mm to 90 mm; 
• Heated and ventilated seat; 
• Seat tilt and lumbar support; and 
• Height adjustment switch. 
Adjustable features include a heated/ventilated switch; air lumbar support switch; backrest angle adjustment level; damper adjustment lever; air suspension height/weight adjustment switch; upper seat fore and aft  adjustment lever; and a seat cushion depth adjustment lever.
Reducing operator fatigue

Reducing operator fatigue

To reduce operator fatigue, the following features were designed into the D375A-8 crawler dozers:

• Redesigned work levers and pedals;
• Automatic transmission with torque lock-up;
• Blade auto pitch – ripper auto-return feature is incorporated;
• Blade, hood and ripper come painted black to reduce glare during
nighttime operation; and
• Standard LED lights.

"Repetitive actions can create fatigue, and many of those have been addressed in this latest series dozer. The cab layout and ergonomics lends itself to that," Chvojka says.

Warranty confidence

All Komatsu D375A-8 crawler dozers have an available 10-year/60,000-hour mainframe warranty.

"The mainframe is the backbone of the machine. Komatsu recognizes the value in that increased durability, and so do we," Chvojka says. "That's how much they believe in what this dozer can, and will do, for the customer."

Komatsu has designed a new frame to double the operational life of the mainframe. This is done by embedding the crossbar into the frame, altering welding processes, and increasing the frame height.

Maintenance upgrades

Maintenance has also been made easier with the incorporation of customer feedback. In addition to removing the need for DEF, Komatsu's D375A-8 crawler dozer features:

• Wiggins quick couplings and centralized grease points conveniently located on ground level;
• Battery and starter isolator is housed in the isolator box on the left side of the machine to enable cut-off of the battery for machine maintenance;
• Integrated onboard diagnostics without the need for a laptop;
• Simple adjustment of machine settings for operator performance; and
• Easy-to-track machine maintenance records.

Overall, the Komatsu D375A-8 crawler dozer has significant upgrades over the previous D375A-6 model.
"Our customers can expect to reduce their cost per BCM (drill and blast costs) related to the D375A-8 by approximately 15% compared to the D375A-6. This reduction in production costs is a direct result of the productivity and reliability enhancements featured on the all-new D375A-8," Sollitt says.

SMS Equipment mining sales representative Jason McCleery says customers have been thrilled with the latest upgrades to the overall design of the Komatsu D375A-8 crawler dozer."We recently commissioned a D375A-8 at a copper mine and are receiving excellent feedback from the operators on how great the visibility is from the cab and how the ride is significantly smoother," says McCleery.
Quick Specs on Komatsu Dozer D375A-8

Quick Specs on Komatsu Dozer D375A-8


Tier 4 Final


609 HP @1,800 rpm (455 kW @1,800 rpm)


163340 lb (74090 kg)


24.2 yd3 (18.5 m3)


 Darren Chvojka, Mining Sales Representative
Darren Chvojka has been with SMS Equipment for 30 years and has various industry experience, including Parts Technician, Product Support Representative, and his current role of Mining Sales Representative. He has over 14 years of experience in the mining sector. Darren has responsibilities for Coal Mines (Alberta & Saskatchewan) and some large contractors and is a Product Specialist for large Komatsu dozers.
 Jason McCleery, Mining Sales Representative

Jason McCleery has been with SMS Equipment for 15 years. Jason works closely with various mining customers in B.C. and Ontario, providing solutions and selling open pit mobile mining equipment fleets. Jason is currently an executive on the board for the Mining Suppliers Association in B.C.

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