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Increase Productivity With The New IMC 2.0 Excavator

July 13, 2021
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What if you could dig basements, footings or utility trenches without worrying about over-excavating? How about using the same machine to accurately excavate slopes and finish grade ponds with limited movement? What if you could do it all with little or no need for a finish dozer, stakes or surveying?
According to Komatsu Senior Product Manager Andrew Earing, Komatsu’s new intelligent Machine Control (IMC) 2.0 PC210LCi-11 excavator with integrated GPS lets you do all of those tasks and more. Earing noted that testing showed the latest-generation machine improves production by up to 33% and efficiency as much as 63% compared to conventional excavation and grading methods.
“The new IMC 2.0 PC210LCi-11 has added additional satellite systems improving satellite coverage and ability to work in more challenging areas such as near woods or on urban job sites,” said Earing.
Bucket angle hold, new monitor

Bucket angle hold, new monitor

With IMC 2.0 comes bucket angle hold. When activated, it automatically holds the bucket to the design surface during arm-in operation.
“It’s less fatiguing for operators, which makes them more productive throughout a shift,” said Earing. “It also produces a better finish-grade surface, so there are multiple benefits.”
Additional new features include a smaller, slimmer 10.4-inch monitor with more memory and faster processing speed. It has pinch-to-zoom and swipe functionality similar to a smartphone or tablet.
“Customers told us they wanted a more streamlined monitor,” said Earing. “This is intuitive and easier to use, so there’s decreased downtime navigating through it and more time producing.”

Added efficiencies with IMC and Smart Construction Remote

SMS Equipment and customers can use the monitor for education and other purposes as well, according to Kris Troppmann, Manager, Smart Construction, SMS Equipment.

“Our SMS Equipment Smart Construction Support Packages include SIM cards which can be used to facilitate virtual correction sources. Additionally, having SIM cards included in IMC 2.0 machines allow our Technology Solutions Experts (TSE) to perform remote training and troubleshooting using Smart Construction Remote. Our TSEs are often able to solve issues remotely and within minutes without a site visit, saving customers precious downtime. SMS’ focus on remote solutions is unique in the marketplace.
“As an example, a customer recently told me that their latest major project is more than 100 kilometers away from their office,” Troppmann added. “They are going to use Smart Construction Remote solutions to monitor daily production volumes, onboard operators and update design files. Between the remote solutions and intelligent Machine Control, they are establishing permanent efficiencies within their business and can’t wait to see what it looks like in three to five years.”

Options up versatility

Earing added that users can boost efficiency further with optional features such as automatic tilt bucket control. Using an add-on inertial measuring unit, it allows machine control to manage the angle movement of a tilt bucket to dig and grade surfaces that are not perpendicular to the machine. Users provide their choice of bucket.
“While excavating a deep trench, you can slope the sides back without moving the excavator,” explained Earing. “It’s also useful on projects with varying contours, such as swales and ponds. Operators can sit in a fixed position and shape those transitions. Less movement saves time and wear and tear on the machine and the operator. We believe most contractors will want to take advantage of this.
“Another feature is optional pressure and flow control for plus-one piping,” he continued. “This lets you fine-tune hydraulic pressure and flow on attachments such as hammers, vibratory compactors, processors and more for improved control and versatility.”

Semi-automatic functions

The IMC 2.0 PC210LCi-11 maintains the main functions of the first-generation IMC excavators, including the ability to switch from manual to semi-automatic modes.
Among a host of standout features is an exclusive control function that goes beyond simple guidance to semi-automatically limit over excavation and trace a target surface. Once the target elevation is reached, no matter how hard an operator tries to move the joystick to lower the boom, the excavator won’t allow it. This reduces wasted time and the need for expensive fill materials.

Productivity and efficiency features include:

  • In semi-automatic mode the boom adjusts the bucket height to trace the target surface and minimizes the chance of digging too deep.
  •  Auto stop control halts the working equipment when the bucket edge reaches the design surface to reduce design surface damage.
  •  Minimum distance control regulates the bucket by automatically selecting the point on the bucket closest to the target surface.
  • The facing angle compass shows the operator the facing angle in relation to the target surface, allowing the bucket edge to be accurately positioned square to the target surface.
“Existing and new technology in the IMC 2.0 excavators has proven to increase production and efficiency while reducing costs,” said Earing. “We encourage anyone looking for those attributes to contact their distributor and test one for themselves.”

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