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BOMAG’s CR 820 T Paver: Born for the Road

September 20, 2021
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Can a highway-class paver be productive, efficient and comfortable to operate at the same time?   BOMAG’s CR 820 T proves it can with a new operator’s platform, new controls and improved visibility, compared to its predecessor.

An 8-foot-class paver, the CR 820 T boasts Frame Raise and three-point suspension to float over subbase irregularities and maintain preset screed slope and grade, delivering higher mat smoothness over highway-class pavers with a fixed rear suspension. Like other CR series pavers, its Drive System movements are isolated from the rest of paver, so the screed remains parallel to the paving surface, eliminating bumps in the road. The end result is a smoother surface with better profilograph readings.

Frame Raise IE: three-point suspension is an independent up/down rear drive movement that maximizes paver tractive effort by delivering more uniform wheel or track loading. With the three-point suspension, you won’t get stuck in a rut trying to push a fully loaded asphalt truck. 

BOMAG’s Frame Raise System lets operators raise and lower the entire rear of the frame – instead of just the spreading augers — to prevent component damage during transport or adjust the spreading auger height for the best delivery of the material at the screed. With the augers being fixed to the frame, the material is always delivered to the spreading auger at the same height. This prevents unintentional segregation of the mix which can happen on competitive machines with a fixed frame and adjustable augers. 

Details, details

Details, details

The 16,500-kilogram (36,400 lbs) CR 820 T has an improved hopper design that delivers the material from the truck directly onto the slat conveyors, unlike its competitors that have a dead space prior to reaching the slat conveyors and require a center section that raises the dead material. The CR 820 T paves up to 86 meters per minute (283 fpm). A Stretch® 16 hydraulically extendible screed allows for infinitely variable paving widths from 2.4 to 4.9 meters (8-16 feet).  Quick-connecting extension auger and screed extension kits deliver a maximum paving width of 6.1 meters (20 feet).

The paver is driven by a 120-kilowatt (160 hp) engine that provides ample reserve and efficiency for full-width paving, while having enough power in reserve to operate the screed’s generator for screed heating and lights for nighttime paving. 
Pivoting seat for greater visibility

Pivoting seat for greater visibility

The operator’s platform features BOMAG’s SIDEVIEW that gives operators the ability to pivot the seat out up to 45 degrees for better visibility of the side of the paver and down the road ahead. The engine hood and platform were designed to allow the operator a perfect line of site into the hopper. An adjustable seat and operator console, as well as a smart console switch that allows the operator to switch sides with the push of a button, moving all preset function to the opposite console. Cup holders and cell phone chargers contribute to increased operator comfort throughout their shift. 

Less maintenance downtime

BOMAG’s exclusive SMARTRAC virtually eliminates manual track tensioning on the rubber-track pavers. It automatically maintains proper track tensioning, without unwanted over tensioning. Preventing track disengagement is accomplished by stopping travel prior to the track coming off. The push of a button lets the operator correct the disengagement situation. This gives owners thousands of hours of trouble-free operation — guaranteed up to 3,000 hours — and significantly lowers overall operating costs. 

To further reduce costs, BOMAG designed the CR pavers for reduced maintenance downtime with full accessibility to all major components. A one-piece, power-tilt hood and swing-away fuel tank design (track model) make servicing the engine quicker and more efficient. Maintenance and emergency uptime kits with common spare parts are available. 

According to BOMAG, it takes half the time to replace feed wear items compared to other brands. The frame is slotted for the head shaft to drop down as a subassembly and these components can be swapped from left hand to right hand for double the life. 

BOMAG backs the paver with its Super Paver Wear Guarantee that covers rubber tracks and slat drive chains for three years or 3,000 hours; conveyor floor liners for five years or 5,000 hours; and slat bars for 10 years or 10,000 hours. 

Product Specifications


Tier 4 Final


36400 lb (16511 kg)


16′ (4.90 m)


12 ″ (30 cm)

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