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Consistent quality management and unique technical systems such as MAGMALIFE, QUICK COUPLING and ECOMODE also make the BOMAG pavers unbeatable in terms of cost.


BOMAG Frame Raise system offers improved ground clearance for maneuvering around obstacles and loading/unloading of the machine. It also allows the paver operator to fine-tune the head of the material to achieve the best mat quality.


Swing-out double SideView consoles with four positions for optimum visibility of hopper and paver edges. The two consoles have large seven-inch multi-functional color screens and robust mechanical toggle switches for improved uptime.


Provides the correct track tension regardless of direction of operation and Increases track life.

Low cost of ownership.

The simplest and most cost-effective service is the one that isn’t necessary. The maintenance of BOMAG road pavers is as simple as their operation. As every function is controlled by its own switch, every switch can also be replaced separately. The engine compartment with the hydraulic systems is easily accessible from every side, and all the filters can be reached comfortably above the engine and centrally from both sides. To keep any downtimes as short as possible, we offer carefully selected maintenance and emergency kits.

When looking at the cost comparison of wear items, one thing that stands out is the labor hours to accomplish the task. It takes ½ the time to replace feed wear items on a BOMAG slat paver compared to other brands. The frame is slotted for the head shaft (with all three sprockets) to drop down as a subassembly and these components can be swapped from LH to RH to double the life. 

Engine maintenance couldn't be simpler. The BOMAG CR paver design offers full accessibility to all major components. A one-piece, power-tilt hood and swing­away fuel tank designs (track models) make servicing the engine quicker and more efficient. To minimize downtime, we offer carefully selected maintenance and emergency uptime kits. These kits include all the common spare parts to keep laying more tons everyday. 


Road construction is a complex task. That's why BOMAG strives to find innovative solutions to simplify operation and to optimize mat quality. The industry leading FRAME RAISE and Three-Point Suspension systems deliver effortless control over the line of pull and consistent head of material at the augers. The result - uniform mat texture and density.

BOMAG rubber track models boast exclusive SMARTRAC technology while both rubber track and rubber tired models offer THREE-POINT SUSPENSION which ensures great traction at all times. Even marginal subbase conditions are no match for BOMAG pavers. 

Industry-leading screed technology delivers variable paving widths of up to 30 ft (9.1 m), allowing for full-width paving. Combine this with decades of technical expertise to help get the most from your paver, and you'll achieve excellent surface smoothness to increase your bonus potential.

To achieve outstanding paving results and to make everyday life more comfortable, the BOMAG pavers are now equipped with a new platform to support the operator in every way. 
With our SIDEVIEW feature, the operator is able to pivot seat out up to 45 for better visibility of the side of the paver and down the road ahead. The adjustments of the seat and operator console increase operator comfort. Furthermore the engine hood and platform is designed to allow the operator a perfect line of sight into the hopper. 
The suspension seats, smart console switch placement along with features, such as cup holders and cell phone chargers, ease every shift on the paver. 

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