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Unique 8-wheel-drive harvester keeps operators productive in challenging conditions

June 23, 2020
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Forestry thinning is often done on varying terrain, including rough, soft, uneven and steep ground. These challenges can hinder production, making it vital to have machinery to meet the terrain head on and excel, according to Steve Yolitz, Manager, Marketing Forestry, Komatsu America.
“Our new 901XC* (eXtreme Conditions) differs from other 8-wheel-drive (8WD) harvesters because of its unique drive system,” said Yolitz. “The exclusive ‘double Comfort Bogie axle’ provides excellent handling and follows the terrain more closely than the competition’s 8WD machines that have a fixed rear-axle design. The 901XC is truly a powerhouse for thinning.”

Yolitz added that Komatsu’s 8WD system generates 12 percent more tractive effort and reduces rear ground pressure – 53 percent lower psi with tracks and 19 percent with tires – compared to the 901 6WD model.


The Komatsu 901XC harvester features a “double Comfort Bogie axle” 8-wheel-drive system designed to tackle steep, uneven, rough and soft terrain. The system generates 12 percent more tractive effort and reduces rear ground pressure compared to the 901 6WD model.

“It features many of the same proven attributes as the 901 6WD harvester platform, such as a three-pump hydraulic system (3PS), best-in-class ergonomic cab, 4-way cab/crane leveling and ±180-degree cab/crane rotation,” said Yolitz. “The 3PS provides higher hydraulic flow at low engine speeds, while lowering fuel consumption, and allows the operator to simultaneously feed, slew and maneuver. These hydraulic system interactions are all automatically controlled by Komatsu’s new MaxiXT control and information system.”

Easy Maintenance

A range of harvesting heads are available to meet specific application needs. “The 901XC is ideally suited for the rugged Komatsu C124 ‘carry-style’ head, which has four powerful motors and four heavy-duty driven-feed rollers,” said Yolitz.  

He added that operators will have excellent visibility in low-light conditions because the 901XC has 16 LED working lights. The harvester has an air suspension, air-vented seat; fully adjustable ergonomic armrests; and hand controls as well as an automatic four-season, climate-control system.
“All daily maintenance checks and fills can be performed at ground level or from inside the cab,” said Yolitz. “The one-piece hood opens rearward to fully expose the entire engine compartment for easy service access. An automatic central lubrication system and well-placed hydraulic tank platforms further facilitate serviceability. All filters are vertically mounted to ease replacement and minimize the potential for spills and environmental impact.”

*Available in select regions. Contact our product experts for more information,