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PC360LC-11 improves productivity with fast cycle times and improved multifunction performance

September 8, 2020
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It’s not always easy to build on success, but Komatsu’s PC360LC-11 excavator does so with enhancements that increase production compared to its predecessor. The Tier 4 Final model has an environmentally friendly engine that provides high levels of performance while reducing operating costs and boosting fuel efficiency.
It features a new Power Mode performance update that upgrades hydraulic pump control logic, which provides greater hydraulic horsepower, faster cycle times and better multifunction performance.
“The improved multifunction cycle times allow customers up to 8 percent more production compared to the previous version,” said Komatsu Product Manager Andrew Earing. “That means they can get jobs done quicker and move on to new work.”
Additional productivity features include an Operator Identification System, which reports key information for different operators, application or job locations, and the Auto Idle Shutdown function that helps reduce idle time as well as operating costs. Both features can be tracked through the latest KOMTRAX technology, which provides essential data, such as fuel and diesel exhaust fluid levels, operating hours, location, cautions and maintenance alerts.
Komatsu maintained the horsepower of the PC360LC-11’s predecessors, with a less-than-1-percent increase in operating weight.
“The PC360LC-11 is a very versatile machine, allowing it to function in a broad range of applications – from pipeline work to mass excavating to waste handling,” said Earing. “It has the capabilities to do it all.”
PC360LC-11 On Dirt

Take the PC360LC-11 For a Test Drive

Designed for Operator Comfort

The PC360LC-11 has a large, comfortable cab specifically designed for hydraulic excavators. It features both ROPS and OPG Level 1 certifications and gains strength from a reinforced box-structure framework. The cab is mounted on viscous dampers, which provide low vibration levels. A standard heated, air-suspension high-back seat with fully adjustable armrests provides improved comfort. Optional joysticks are available with proportional controls for operating attachments.

In addition to a standard AM/FM stereo, an auxiliary input for connecting external devices is provided to play music through the cab’s speakers. It also has two, 12-volt power ports.

For global support, the high-resolution, 7-inch LCD color monitor has enhanced capabilities and displays information in multiple languages. The monitor panel provides updates on DEF levels, eco guidance, operational records, fuel consumption history and utilization. A new display interface combines vehicle information with a wide landscape view from the standard rearview camera, enabling the operator to easily see the working area directly behind the machine.

The excavator is equipped with the exclusive Komatsu EMMS (equipment management monitoring system). The system has diagnostic features to give operators and technicians greater monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities for preventive maintenance, which minimizes diagnostic and repair time.

“Komatsu offers complimentary routine scheduled service through our Komatsu CARE program for the first three years or 2,000 hours,” said Earing. “The PC360LC has been among our most popular models for many years due to its productivity and efficiency, and the Dash-11 builds on the outstanding foundation of its predecessors.”

Komatsu PC360LC-11 Quick Specs

Net Horsepower
257 HP (192 kW)  @ 1,950 rpm
Max Operating Weight
80320 lb (36509 kg)
Max Bucket Capacity
1.96 cubic meters

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