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Machine Down in the Forest? SMS Equipment is Ready to Help

November 19, 2019
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Our branch network and team specialists are ready to help – wherever your machines take you

Now that you’ve winterized your equipment and deployed to the forest, serviceability really counts—and unserviceability bites. Unscheduled downtime demands instant remedial action, and that’s where our branches excel.    
As a seasoned operator, you know to never assume zero unscheduled downtime. Even though you’ve minimized its probability by diligently preparing your equipment for the busy winter season, unexpected stoppages will happen. And, when they do, there’s no time to waste—this is your money season and every hour counts. There’s a lot on the line.  Our people stand ready to help when you need it.
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Coast-to-Coast Branch Network

Wherever you operate, you need local, close support. You’re never too far away from our people. With locations across Canada and Alaska, SMS Equipment is your ready-to-work equipment and solutions provider.
“We have branch support from coast-to-coast – and we’ll come to you,” says Dwight Campbell, SMS Equipment Forestry Manager, Forestry Products, Western Canada.
Did you know we have branches across Canada and Alaska?
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Same Day Service

Timeliness is the number one service priority during harvest. It’s cliché, but we understand that time is money. “You can’t wait for days to have a technician show up,” says Campbell. “We strive for same-day, or worst-case scenario, next day service and support.”
Teams from our service force will be on-site and have your equipment up and running as soon as possible.  When you need help, call your Product Support and Sales Representative (PSSR). We have a network of 70 PSSRs, all trained and qualified to inspect your equipment and provide quotations for parts and service.

To deliver high-quality, timely service, we employ close to over 580 heavy equipment technicians and 280 welders, fully trained to service your equipment. We’re ready to deploy to your site at a moment’s notice with our fleet of 244 service trucks.

Does Your Equipment Need Servicing?

Right Parts at the Right Time

Right Parts at the Right Time

Parts are always nearby, and your local branch fully supports your machine. We know your equipment and its needs. “Your local branch stocks parts based on equipment that the branch sold,” explains Campbell. SMS Equipment forecasts to ensure the right part is available at the right time, optimizing stock levels at each branch.  And, for additional requirements, the massive Komatsu Edmonton Parts Distribution Centre delivers multiple times daily.
Campbell recommends consulting your machine’s service and maintenance manuals and using OEM parts for replacement. “Choosing OEM parts removes any chance of affecting your warranty,” he says.

Warranty Support

Machines start with Komatsu Care for the first 20,000 hours. SMS Equipment branch service coordinators reach out before your service is due, ensuring you have adequate time to schedule. And, when your Komatsu Care program ends, your coverage can continue with the SMS Equipment Preventative Maintenance Program
More Info About Preventative Maintenance

Did you know we offer Preventative Maintenance (PM) programs? PM programs can materially reduce incidences of unscheduled downtime and save you money. If you’re on a PM program, peace of mind is assured.
“We come out and do it,” says Campbell.