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Product Support Sales Representative in Fort McMurray

Meet Heather Comeau

"We're not afraid to try something new. Our team is willing to take risks and change what we offer or how we provide our service to ensure we're always getting better."

The constant connection with customers has Heather Comeau loving her career. "Being able to interact with my customers and provide solutions for them to fulfill their business needs is the best part of my job," says Heather, Product Support Sales Representative at SMS Equipment. "Our company has such a great reputation for customer service. I get to help build that positive experience for existing and new customers to keep them coming back."

SMS Equipment's mission may say it most simply: …continuously improving our services and product offering. "That’s the part I connect with the most,” says Heather. “I’m here to make my customers feel welcome and constantly improve their experience with us.”

This drive to create value isn’t just for the customers; it’s about communities too, and that stems from a strong human focus. “The promotion of family and connection — not only within our direct teams but also companywide — flows through to our customers too,” says Heather. “We have many customers that have become more on a “family base level” with us. It’s great to see.”

Change for Growth

Recently moving from office administration to in-field operations, Heather was welcomed by the team with open arms through the big change. “The team here is very supportive and inclusive,” says Heather. “It’s not just on a working level either — they’ve invited me into their community and included me in activities outside the office.”

Heather felt ready with the team behind her, providing the right information and training. “They support me in being successful in my role,” she says. “Our motto is, the more successful we are as a team, the more success we can bring to SMS Equipment.”

While Heather’s transition to the field is a huge accomplishment, she also takes a step back to recognize the bigger picture: “Being a woman in the industry is incredible!”

Hands Up for Our Leaders

Having a rich source of motivation and inspiration has also pushed Heather to take on new goals.

“I was lucky enough to have worked for my previous manager for five years before moving into my new role,” says Heather. “I watched him navigate the waters of blending three of the largest departments of our organization (parts, service and sales) while promoting and supporting all product lines, forestry, construction, light construction, road construction and mining. He inspired and advocated for me moving into my new role.”

Other resources helped Heather grow her knowledge base of the industries and customers. “Training resources, travelling and shadowing the Product Support Reps have set me up for a big jump in my professional growth,” says Heather. She’s also grateful for her time in the office environment, where she learned the systems and how the business functions.

“I’ve been able to dig into all these capabilities to get myself to where I am today, and working to build better customer experiences has me looking forward to continuing with that success.”
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