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Resident Field Technician

Brian Hicks

Over in Moncton, New Brunswick, Resident Field Technician Brian Hicks handles the southeastern part of the province and Prince Edward Island—always keeping the customer perspective top of mind.

"The customer is the foundation of our industry. Exceeding the customer's expectations with our service, sales, and parts is a huge advantage for SMS Equipment."

Do Good for More Good

"By creating positive customer feedback, we can attract new customers who otherwise don't do business with us," explains Brian. "I have experienced this firsthand—multiple times—whether it be a request for service or an inquiry on one of our products."

It's this positive ripple effect that inspires Brian to solve the most complex of problems.
"I enjoy troubleshooting the technical aspects of the products we support," he says. "As equipment technologies advance, so does the difficulty of problems I'm here to solve."

Owning Evolution

Joining the company as an apprentice, Brian completed his Red Seal certification to become a Heavy Duty Equipment Technician. "Moving from the shop to the field, I've been able to learn various product lines to become a more experienced technician," he says.
Building his skill set has been a priority since day one. "SMS Equipment gives me room to grow," he says. "It's gratifying when I'm able to diagnose issues efficiently—and I recognize that it's because of the company's resources and professional development." From understanding tooling and receiving training and tooling on engines from different manufacturers to performing root cause and failure analyseis for various complex issues, Brian continues to expand and finetune his expertise.

Feats from the Ground Up

Brian remembers a hurdle that felt near impossible but is now in the books as a triumph. "A customer requested a rebuild of a milling machine that was damaged by fire," says Brian. "Due to the age of the machine, the manufacturer did not have wiring harnesses or rebuild kits available. Using schematics and parts manuals, I manufactured and sourced the required components." The project took a couple of months to complete at the customer's shop. Bravo Brian! "It was the first time in my career successfully remanufacturing a machine from the ground up."

Small Teams, Big Connections

Working within a small branch means everyone must work together to share experiences and knowledge and assist where needed. Communication is constant, and support for one another encourages solidity. "Sometimes this can mean sending a text to help another technician with a technical problem, helping the parts department locate difficult-to-find components within a parts manual, or simply working with another technician on a large project."

The Future is Intelligent

What else is on Brian's radar?
"I want to continue to learn new technologies and products. GPS systems and how they interact with our intelligent machines fascinate me. I would also like to learn advanced electrical systems to improve my knowledge of hybrid machines, electric drives, and generator systems."

The list is long, but with Brian's track record, it's only a matter of time before the customer will reap even more rewards!
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