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Compaction Concept:

BOMAG’s compaction concept with scrapers, polygon rings and toothed wheels ensures continuously clean working. Only clean tools can guarantee consistent compaction and traction. The articulating and oscillating center joint ensures the optimum load distribution and traction on all four wheels. Thanks to the wheel offset, the entire surface is covered. Gaps left by the wheels are closed completely on the second pass.

Call up the status of your vehicles from your computer or tablet. Full transparency at all times for your machine fleet with the new BOMAG TELEMATIC app for PC, iOS and Android devices.

Advantages of BOMAG TELEMATIC:
  • Effective monitoring: Monitor your fleet fuel consumption
  • Real time reports: Monitor the current operating hours of your machines as well as pending and completed maintenance and service
  • Location: Know where your machines are and how they are used
  • Anti-theft alarm: Alarm function activated when motion is detected or the machine leaves a geographically defined zone for individual machines
Technologie Cooling System:

Cooling on demand means adapting the airflow to required cooling performance. This results fuel savings up to 6%. The reversing function is reducing the cleaning efforts and thereby maximizing the availability.

BOMAG refuse compactors are efficient to service because the easiest and most cost-effective service is the one that isn’t required.

Maintenance costs are unavoidable, so BOMAG’s goal in development has always been to keep such costs to a minimum. Major improvements have been achieved by arranging components to good effect and combining this with high accessibility. Machine options also reduce scheduled expenses, cut running costs, and provide the easy maintenance needed for heavy site work.