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Extended track roller frames and wider track gauge over previous models provide a solid foundation for pipe lifting. Large 9-inch track pitch undercarriage is built for pipelayer applications.


Exceptional structural strength with a new front bumper and integrated towing pin designed to accept a standard winch rope terminator. An extended main frame with a non-oscillating hard bar as all drawworks mounts factory integrated.

The drawworks package uses custom-designed winches built to Komatsu specifications. Excellent hook speed, boom, and counterweight control make precision pipework or handling large loads easy and efficient. 

Easily access the machine with integrated left/right front steps. left access ladder and left/right rear walkways. 

Integrated load block transport storage bracket makes disassembly and assembly easier for shipping. 

Standard enclosed ROPS cabs with auto climate control, large cab windows and skylight viewing area provides a comfortable operator environment in hot and cold climates 

Improve operator confidence with standard front, rear and right-side cameras that provide improved situational awareness around the machine. 

  • The hydrostatic steering system (HSS) with all-directional Palm Command Control System lever controls provides smooth, quick and powerful steering control in various ground conditions. 
  • A new 14% larger steering motor than the D155AX-8 base model improves steering power and maneuverability.

A single joystick for control of load line, boom and counterweight provides your operator precise load control. 

Designed for cold weather operation with large capacity batteries, engine air intake heater grid, and provisions to easily install engine oil and coolant heaters. 

High-quality satellite data communications for Komtrax pipelayer telematics in remote areas where cellular communication network coverage is poor or not available. Komtrax data is provided free for life of the machine. 

Continuously monitor your machine operation and vital systems to identify machine issues, assist with troubleshooting, and minimize downtime.