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Both in Power and Economy modes, the VHPC system detects whether the truck is loaded or not loaded and selects the optimum horsepower setting mode, providing both high production and low fuel consumption.

Makes the best use of horsepower to attain optimal production. This mode is suitable for operation in job sites including uphill travel with a load where throughput takes top priority.

Sets the maximum horsepower at a lower level to reduce fuel consumption. The machine maintains sufficient power for normal operation in this mode.

The transmission is configured with 7 forward and 2 reverse gears. Fully automatic control is applied to all forward gears and an optimum gear is automatically selected according to the travel speed and engine speed. To reduce fuel consumption, the shifting point is automatically selected depending on the acceleration of the machine.

The HD785-7 is equipped with AP-FOUR that applies retarding force on all four wheels. This reduces the possibility of tire-lock and enables effective use of retarder capacity, allowing stable downhill travel. The machine descends slopes smoothly and comfortably without machine body pitching since retarding force on the front and rear wheels is controlled independently.

Retarder Absorbing Capacity: 1092 kW 1,464 HP (continuous descent)

Brake Surface Area (rear):
  • Front total: 37467 cm² 5,807 in²
  • Rear total: 72414 cm² 11,224 in²

ARSC allows the operator to simply set the downhill travel speed and go down slopes at a constant speed. This allows the operator to concentrate on steering. The speed can be set at increments of 1 km/h 0.6 MPH per click (±5 km/h 3.1 MPH of setting speed adjustment) to match the optimum speed for the slope. The retarder cooling oil temperature is constantly monitored and the descent speed is automatically reduced, if necessary.

The 5-way adjustable operator seat and the tilt-telescopic steering column provide an optimum driving posture for increased driving comfort and more control over machine operation. The suspension seat dampens vibrations transmitted from the machine and reduces operator fatigue. A 78 mm 3" wide seat belt is provided as standard equipment.

The electronically controlled all clutch modulation system, “K-ATOMiCS”, optimizes the clutch engagement oil pressure at every gear. This system optimizes the clutch lock-up process for smoother shifting with minimal torque shock.

The MacPherson-type independent suspension is utilized on the front wheels. This linkage arrangement allows the front wheel to follow the undulation of the road surface smoothly, realizing excellent riding comfort.

Front support is integrated with the frame. The frame rigidity has been substantially increased. As a result, flexural rigidity and torsional rigidity, which are indicators of drivability and ride quality, are significantly improved.

The Komatsu advanced monitoring system identifies maintenance items, reduces diagnostic times, indicates oil and filter replacement hours and displays abnormality codes. This monitor system helps to maximize machine production time.