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Regulate fuel efficiency for lighter work on flat ground with ‘economy’ mode. For higher production jobs and uphill hauling, use ‘power’ mode to increase engine maximum output and raise the upshift and downshift engine speeds during operation.

The newly designed axle increases reliability by optimizing the structural design of castings and adopting the latest in heat treatment and surface finish technology. An added oil filtration system double the recommended oil exchange interval.

Enhance visibility with KomVision, a 360-degree monitoring system that uses six cameras for a real-time view of your surroundings. Two screen mode allows your operator to view the 360-degree bird’s eye view and any of the 6 cameras to be viewed simultaneously on a dedicated monitor.

Maneuver in and out of tight spaces with a tight turning radius (36' 9"). The MacPherson strut-type independent front suspension features an A-arm wheel-to-main frame design for wider spacing and easy access to the engine bay.

Enhance payloads, promote productivity and control the life cycle costs of your truck with the integrated payload meter (PLM), which manages the payload of each hauling cycle, analyzing production volume and the working conditions of the machine.

Komatsu’s advanced transmission with optimum modulation control system (K-ATOMiCS) provides electronic shift control with automatic clutch modulation, optimizing the clutch engagement at every gear to provide smother shifting without losing torque.

Control downhill descent by setting your desired travel speed with the automatic retard speed control (ARSC), which automatically applies the brake retarder to maintain the desired setting and descend the road with confidence.

Stay focused while operating in loose or slippery haul road conditions with Komatsu's Traction Control System (KTCS), which monitors the rear wheels for slippage and automatically applies the brakes independently to each wheel for enhanced traction.

Handle steep grades with fully hydraulic-controlled wet multiple-disc brakes on all four corners. These large-capacity, continuously-oil-cooled brakes also function as a responsive retarder, giving operators confidence at higher downhill speeds.

The standard system automatically supplies grease to each greasing point every pre-set hour, making it unnecessary to periodically lubricate by manual pump. Refill port to the reservoir is accessible from the ground level.

Designed for quick preventative maintenance and servicing, a ground-level service center is located at the bottom of the hydraulic tank, making engine, transmission, brake control and hydraulic oil filling ports accessible in one location.

Help promote safety in the workplace with a lockable battery, emergency engine stop switch and starter isolators that are accessible from ground level. A standard LED light package improves visibility during operation, access/egress and maintenance.