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The dual-mode transmission is built specifically for Komatsu motor graders. The transmission provides full power shifting as well as inching capabilities and automatic shifting in the higher ranges.

A new variable displacement piston pump, improvements in the transmission and driveline components, and a sophisticated electronic control system for the engine and transmission all combine to achieve optimum and efficient operation. The new GD655-6 will consume up to 15% less fuel than the GD655-5.

Up to 5% reduction in fuel consumption (P mode)
Up to 15% reduction in fuel consumption (E mode)

(Compared with GD655-5)

Longest wheelbase in class for exceptional fine grading performance. A 25 degree articulation angle allows the GD655-6 to maintain a tight turning radius of 24'3" making this grader very maneuverable for tight road work and cul-de-sac operation.

The Komatsu SAA6D107E-3 engine is EPA Tier 4 Final emissions certified and provides exceptional performance while reducing fuel consumption. Based on Komatsu proprietary technologies developed over many years, this new diesel engine reduces nitrogen oxides (NOx) compared to the previous model.

Excellent visibility from the hexangular cab and layout of the rear side pillars boost operator confidence and productivity in all grader applications. Well-positioned blade linkage provides an unobstructed view of the moldboard and front tires.