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When your operators need to meet demanding production targets, they will appreciate this excavator's improved engine power, crowd-digging force, swing torque, lift capacity and increased bucket size options.

Get a high-performance engine and enhanced hydraulics technology with this versatile excavator that handles high-production demands in large-scale operations while promoting machine reliability.

Operators can promote safety and streamline their performance with technology like KomVision camera system's real-time view of immediate surroundings and optional Smart Construction 3D guidance and payload monitoring.

Make maintenance easy and help minimize downtime with convenient access to all filters, oil level checks, sample ports, and engine maintenance service areas with top, left and right walkways.

The new counterweight removal system makes the excavator easier to transport on trailers and move between job sites, simplifying logistics and helping reduce transportation costs.

Make those long shifts comfortable with a spacious, quiet cab and adjustable seat, The short joystick control levers provide a convenient, ergonomic workspace that promotes operator productivity.

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