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Even in confined worksites, maintaining high production is one of your highest priorities. We designed the PC3000 with the combination of power, versatility and advanced technology you need to reach your production goals. With a 16 m3 shovel, 15 m3 backhoe capacity and the reach to fill 85- to 165-short ton trucks, the PC3000-11 is now available with the latest technologies, including Komtrax Plus 2 and a Simplified System with the cleanest T4 diesel engine. The PC3000-11 is also Komatsu Argus PLM-ready.

The PC3000-11 comes with the latest Tier 4 technology, with an engine designed to deliver power and sustainability. An exhaust aftertreatment system reduces dangerous NOx and enables easy servicing of emissions components. With the exhaust aftertreatment system’s introduction by diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), this engine meets the US EPA Tier 4 emission standard and the European EU V regulation. The new configuration includes an SCR catalyst assembly equipped on the machinery house roof and an additional DEF tank equipped on the machinery house roof close to the exhaust system. Engine settings have also been enhanced compared to the previous model.

If you’re looking for a workhorse excavator you can count on, consider the PC3000. Offering a combination of robust construction, choice of diesel engine or electric motors and advanced technology, the PC3000 is a smart addition to your fleet. Our hydraulic excavators are designed for more tons per hour through a combination of powerful digging forces and easy handling of bucket filling. Our proven attachment design allows your operators to dig under all conditions. Various buckets and wear packages are available to adapt to all material densities and properties.

Gain actionable insight at your fingertips. Our latest remote monitoring system, Komtrax Plus 2, enables you and your operators to see data from almost anywhere. Error history scans are available, plus automated data reports are generated on internal Komatsu servers. The optional Komatsu Argus Payload Meter measures bucket payload so your operators can load trucks more efficiently for reduced loading times and shorter hauling cycles. Reporting tools show payload history with enhanced data. Integratable with the Argus Payload Meter, Komtrax Plus 2 creates a more digital operation, so your mine is future-ready.

The Simplified System combines a lean electrical harness system with a new generation of Komatsu controller. Machines with the Simplified System use a redundancy CAN-BUS system for high reliability that exceeds industry standards with redundancy control lines. Components are designed for dependability, helping to reduce electrical downtime and keep your operation humming.

Protecting your employees is a fundamental priority for your operation. The PC3000’s access and egress system surpasses industry standards. It allows the operator to escape in case of an emergency, with two solid flip-down ladders for a quick exit on either side of the excavator. The emergency hatch enables an escape from the machinery house onto the roof. Wide walkways to the regular service points, proper platforms equipped with handrails and kickboards, and easy access to all service points protect the operator while also making maintenance easier. Plus, KomVision camera visibility can help to reduce pit accidents and increase operator awareness.

While Komatsu shovels and backhoes meet the density benchmark of 1.8 g/m³, you have the option to customize your machine to the bucket size and wear package you need. You can also choose:
• Wear buckets, available in various sizes
• Travel gear protections
• Special trackpad variations
• Several more options

We offer comprehensive services, such as productivity-enhancing training, financing options and after-sales service. We know a profitable operation is important to you, so our excavator experts can help you maximize results. Komatsu manufacturers over 70 percent of the parts used in our excavators in-house and is also responsible as an OEM for service and financing.