The Komatsu SAA4D107E-3 engine is EPA Tier 4 Final emissions certified and provides exceptional performance and efficiency. Based on Komatsu proprietary technologies developed over many years, this new diesel engine reduces nitrogen oxides (NOx) by more than 80%, when compared to Tier 4 interim levels. An added temperature controlled viscous fan clutch helps improve fuel efficiency and reduce sound levels. Through the in-house development and production of engines, electronics, and hydraulic components, Komatsu has achieved great advancements in technology providing high levels of performance and efficiency in virtually all applications.

The Komatsu Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (KDOC) has an integrated design that does not interfere with daily operation. This smart and simplified system removes soot using passive regeneration, over 98% of the time, without the need for a Diesel Particulate Filter. The KDOC is a simple design and does not have a scheduled service interval like a DPF and is designed for long life with no scheduled maintenance required. For owners, this means lower owning and operating costs due to less complexity and seamless operation.

The PC170LC-11 uses a Closed Center Load Sensing (CLSS) hydraulic system that improves fuel efficiency and provides quick response to the operator's demands. The PC170LC-11 also introduces new technology to enhance the engine and hydraulic pump control. This total control system matches hydraulic demand with engine power at the most efficient point under any load condition. There have also been improvements in the main valve and hydraulic circuit to help reduce hydraulic loss, resulting in higher efficiency and performance.

The PC170LC-11 excavator is equipped with six working modes (P, E, L, B, ATT/P and ATT/E). Each mode is designed to match engine speed, pump flow, and system pressure to the application. The PC170LC-11 features a new mode (ATT/E) which allows operators to run attachments while in economy mode.

The PC170LC-11 features a ROPS cab which conforms to ISO 12117-2, as well as Level 1 Operator Protective Guard (OPG) top guard standards. The cab also contains a ground-level, secondary engine shut down switch, automatic climate control, and features a standard air suspension seat. The viscous cab mounts and viscous fan clutch help reduce vibration and allow 68 dB(A) operator sound level for a quiet, comfortable environment.

The updated, seven-inch LCD color monitor features two rearview camera display modes, along with a large, easy-to-read machine information display. The monitor also features an operator ID system, which captures machine operating system information by unique ID code. This system can be used to not only monitor operators, but also applications and jobs, etc. The monitor also displays key maintenance intervals and DEF level.

Key maintenance items are grouped for easy service. The radiator and oil cooler are side-by-side and feature debris screens to reduce material build up. The fuel filters, engine oil and air filter are all accessible from ground level. DEF fill is easily accessible from platform level and the DEF pump can be accessed without using hand tools. These features, combined with Komatsu Care, will provide benefits such as increased uptime and efficiency, cost of ownership savings, and the assurance of proper maintenance with OEM Parts and Service.

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