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Get greater clearance when space is limited with a higher boom raise angle than our standard excavator that reduces the minimum front implement swing radius.

Get more done in confined areas with the short tail swing radius that allows the machine to work in more spaces than our conventional excavator.

High maneuverability is achieved through the purpose-built cabs that swings within the same radius as the counterweight. The sliding cab door allows operators to easily enter and exit when space is limited.

The compact counterweights provide exceptional lifting capability and stability providing a comfortable, confident operating experience.

Help improve efficiency with the quick return valve that directs additional oil through a second line directly back to the tank when the arm is extended, helping to reduce back pressure and fuel consumption.

For quick response to operator demands, the closed-center loading system (CLSS) helps improve fuel efficiency. Pilot proportional control (PPC) hydraulics and optional proportional joysticks provide exceptional control.

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