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Evolutionary, not Revolutionary Design
Komatsu’s Tier 4 solution begins with a base engine which is very similar to the previous Tier 2 platform. In keeping the basic operation of the engine the same, durability is assured. Utilizing High Pressure Common Rail fuel delivery ensures atomization of the fuel/air mixture to a level which reduces particulate matter, meeting U.S. EPA Tier 4 standards.

Komatsu After-treatment
Removal of NOx is accomplished by treating the exhaust through Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). The introduction of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) into the SCR canister generates a chemical reaction which breaks down the oxides of nitrogen into oxygen and nitrogen, both nonpollutants. Internal cleaning of the SCR is performed through an automatic process.

On-Demand Cooling

  • Separate cooling circuits for control group and wheel motor systems
  • Allows intelligent control of cooling
  • Maintain optimal temperatures for each system

Alternator Self-Cooling Only

  • Reduced impeller size by 25%
  • Reduced cooling housing/impeller
  • 500 lb 227 kg weight reduction

Uses Wheel Motor generator retarding energy for cooling

  • Control Group
  • Wheel Motors
  • Grid Blower

PLM IV® is an electronic system that monitors and records payload information for Komatsu’s off-highway mining trucks. The accurate and reliable payload measurement system is designed to help optimize payload, maximize productivity and reduce the life cycle cost of the machine. PLM IV® tracks and records the following key production parameters:

  • Payload
  • Empty Carry-Back
  • Operator Identification
  • Haul Cycle, Loading, Dumping Time and Date
  • Distance Traveled (Loaded and Empty)
  • Cycle Time Information
  • Maximum Speeds (Loaded and Empty)
  • TMPH Estimate for Front and Rear Tires
  • Average Speed (Loaded and Empty)

Structurally Enhanced Frame Design
By using advanced computer-aided design, finite element analysis and full-scale dynamic and static testing, the frame has been designed to carry 290 metric tons 320 short tons and provides the high structural reliability Komatsu is known for.

Castings in High Stress Areas
To increase frame reliability, steel castings have been incorporated at key frame pivot points and critical load bearing portions of the structure. This includes the rear body pivot and horsecollar sections.

As part of a complete service and support program, Komatsu equips every mining and quarry sized machine with KOMTRAX Plus 2®. By using a satellite-based communication system, KOMTRAX Plus 2® offers a new vision of monitoring your valuable assets. By providing insight to critical operating metrics the user can manage increased availability, lower owning and operating costs and maximize fuel efficiency.

The information available through KOMTRAX Plus 2® allows service personnel to review faults and trends, improve the quality of the troubleshooting process and reduce unscheduled machine downtime.

Drive System (Invertex IIe)

  • Cooling Blower Inverters (CBI)
  • True Quad Chopper Eliminates RP Contactors
  • Only Single Stack IGBT's
  • From 24 to 12 Traction IGBT's Reduces Weight & Size
  • Meets IP54 for Dust & Moisture Control
  • Increased Cabinet Rigidity
  • Reduced Rigid Multi-axis Joints
  • Fiber Optic Cards Integrated Into Backplane
  • Front Placement of Indicator & Interface Panels
  • Front Access for Maintenance
  • All LED Lighting

Improved Bus Bar

  • Close Molded Design- Eliminates Potting
  • No Soldered Bushings
  • Edge Protection
  • FR4 & Abrasion Protection
  • Simplified, More Robust Bus Bar Design

Improved Truck Performance

  • Retains Wheel Slip/Slide control in all Modes of Operation
  • Cruise Control (Both Motoring & Retarding)
  • Fuel Saver 2 Built-in

Technology Advancements

  • Supports Data Collection & Transmission for Remote Monitoring
  • New Generation Technology for Faster Processing with Higher Capacity (90% Faster Data Transfer)
  • Common CAN Network Consists of Engine, Truck & Drive System
  • Supports CAN, Ethernet & USB