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Additional perforated material increases air flow to the radiator and prevents large airborne materials from entering the engine compartment.

The two hood-mounted lights are replaced with four LED work lights mounted high on the blade lift cylinders, casting light over the trash rack.

The optional, cab air-filtration system provides pre-cleaned, filtered air to the HVAC system. The cab is pressurized to minimize odors and dust.

Additional sealing is added to chassis components to help reduce the amount of debris entering the belly pan.

These sheet metal guards are welded to the perimeter of the engine compartment doors, providing an overlapping barrier against material intrusion into the engine compartment.

A protective screen is added to the standard centrifugal engine air pre-cleaner to remove large particles from the air before they reach the filter elements.

The thermal guard covers the exhaust manifold, hot side of the turbocharger, KDPF, and SCR system, reducing the potential for combustible debris to come in contact with hot surfaces.

Front striker bars are designed to prevent debris from riding up on the tracks and damaging the chassis or cab glass. The bolt-on design allows for easy servicing.

The 1046 kg (2,306 lb) counterweight optimizes machine balance for landfill applications. Counterweight required unless winch or ripper is ordered.

The electric winch located on the inside of the main frame lowers and raises the underguard, providing easy access to the engine compartment for cleaning accumulated trash.

The standard turbine type pre-cleaner removes large particles and extends cab air filter life.

The AC condenser is mounted to the roof to protect it from debris and to increase cooling efficiency.

9.5 mm (0.375") thick guarding protects the sides and rear of the fuel and hydraulic tank group from damage and debris.

The see-through vertical bars of the trash rack are designed to ensure good operator visibility. The trash rack and blade are both painted matte black to reduce glare.

The two-piece radiator guard doors allow access to the standard wide-core radiator for cleaning. Adjustable fan reversing interval and duration allow the operator to concentrate on productivity, while keeping the radiator clean.

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