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BOMAG Compaction Management:

BOMAG Compaction Management (BCM) is used to manage and fully document compaction over an entire construction site. A tablet PC suitable for construction sites and a GPS receiver form the basis for creating complete compaction maps. This provides the operator with direct feedback on how to optimise the rolling pattern. All the data is documented for subsequent analysis. The systems have a modular set-up. All the hardware is compatible, and an upgrade is possible at any time. The components are interchangeable between machines.


BOMAP is the solution for the digital soil and asphalt construction site to document the working results in real time at the jobsite. The app can be installed on standard Android tablets and smartphones.

Intuitively operated it documents the passes of rollers of any manufacturer. The optional BOMAP antenna provides an even more precise GPS position. Flexible mounting, ready for immediate use with the universal-tablet-holder-kit. Unlike current systems for the surface covering compaction control (SCCC) the operation of BOMAP is intuitive, so that no training effort arises. The result can be exported as PDF file and shows the client transparent and comprehensible the achieved compaction performance on the jobsite.


The cumulative power of BOMAG innovation can be found in every engine. With Stage IV and Tier 4 final they comply with the highest exhaust regulations. The smart ECOMODE speed control not only saves up to 30 percent fuel, but also produces less noise. And with the optional ECOSTOP, the engine is shut down automatically after a defined period in idle speed. This also reduces fuel consumption and wear.


BOMAG ECONOMIZER shows the operator when optimum compaction has been achieved and makes soil and asphalt compaction transparent and efficient.

Call up the status of your vehicles from your computer or tablet. Full transparency at all times for your machine fleet with the new BOMAG TELEMATIC app for PC, iOS and Android devices.
Advantages of BOMAG TELEMATIC:
  • Effective monitoring: Monitor your fleet fuel consumption
  • Real time reports: Monitor the current operating hours of your machines as well as pending and completed maintenance and service
  • Location: Know where your machines are and how they are used
  • Anti-theft alarm: Alarm function activated when motion is detected or the machine leaves a geographically defined zone for individual machines

Less maintenance, less downtime, and lower costs. Or in design terms: eliminating unnecessary service points and making necessary ones more accessible. For example, no single drum model need lubrication points. Oil dipstick, filter, filling points and drain valves can easily be accessed from the ground. Or the rubber buffer on the drum: Can be replaced without the need for removal from the frame. Easy service is more than just a tag line. It is the result of smart technology – and an important part of BOMAG's approach to design.