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NPK's Material Processors are an efficient solution for concrete, steel and rebar processing; building and bridge demolition; and recycling.


Manufactured from High-Strength, Abrasion-Resistant Steel with Reinforced Shields to Protect Cylinder Rods

Interchangeable jaws provide superior results in demolition, concrete processing and scrap recycling. Manufactured from high-strength, abrasion-resistant steel; reinforced shield protects cylinder rods.  Full 360° power rotation provides an effective angle of attack for any job, wherever the location.

Far more economical than buying three different attachments for multiple applications.

Manufactured from high-strength, abrasion-resistant steel; reinforced shields protect cylinder rods.

Provides an effective angle of attack for any job wherever the location.

On-the-job processing reduces material volume, which cuts down the number of trips required to haul material away.

The need for workers on bridge and building demolition to lean over the sides of structures with long-handled torches is eliminated by NPK Material Processors’ ability to cut rebar. Additionally, when processing potentially hazardous materials, NPK Material Processors eliminate workers’ exposure to toxic emissions.

Feature NPK’s exclusive Intensifier System, providing maximum crushing/piercing force and faster cycle times.

The newly improved tooth configuration utilizes a high-profile center tooth and lower profile teeth on both sides of the moveable jaw. These crushers can be used for both primary and secondary crushing operations. Abrasion resistant, high strength, alloy steel teeth allow decreased wear and increased durability.

Competitive cylinder systems need larger cylinders to equal the force developed by the more compact NPK intensifier system.

NPK’s exclusive integral hydraulic intensifier system provides faster cycle times compared to competitive units using larger cylinders that require considerable amounts of flow to produce an equal amount of productivity.

Cutting-torch operations are eliminated by a high-strength steel center cutter that slices through rebar and light steel structures.