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Avoid Expensive Equipment Repairs with Operator Training

Operators have a significant role to play on the overall maintenance of any fleet of equipment.  Training them on these three easy steps can significantly increase uptime and reduce the total cost of ownership on machines:
1. Conduct daily walkaround inspections

1. Conduct daily walkaround inspections

Seems simple, right?  However, this daily walkaround inspections are easily one of the most impactful tasks of the day. When operators perform careful daily walkaround inspections for equipment that is used on a jobsite, small issues will be addressed before they become larger, more expensive and potentially dangerous problems. If an operator notices an issue they should report them immediately and should not use the machine.  Operator walkaround inspections  include:
  • Looking for any fluids on the ground around a parked machine
  • Checking fluid and battery levels
  • Monitoring tire condition and inflation level
  • Testing horns and lights
  • Verifying safety gear, including seat belt and backup alarms
2. Watch and listen for equipment irregularities

2. Watch and listen for equipment irregularities

It's important that operators watch for potential equipment malfunctions while using the equipment. Watch for intermittent electrical failures, inappropriate noises, cracks or other signs of impending breakage, and any damage to a machine.

3. Know what situations increase the risk of tipping or overturning

Fast swings of a load put operators and machines at risk. Be sure operators are moving loads carefully and adhering to speed limits. Never exceed the working range or lifting capacity of a piece of equipment and keep the machine as level as possible when operating.