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Komatsu has designed six different types of link assemblies for Bulldozers to address various working environments:

  • SALT (Sealed and Lubricated Track): this link assembly is lubricated with oil, which reduces the wear between the pin and the bushing. It is typically used on bulldozers that travel often.
  • PLUS (Parallel Link Undercarriage System): This product line can deliver up to twice the life versus standard. It is an exclusive Komatsu design that features a rotating bushing to minimize wear between segment and bushing. Suitable for small and medium size dozers.
  • AR Track Link (Abrasive Resistant): the AR track link has special bushing which is different material from normal bushing and has deep hardened depth by special heat treatment patented. It’s suitable for abrasive applications such as loam, sand etc.
  • General Construction: Komatsu offers you true choice in Undercarriage components so that you can minimize the operating and maintenance costs of your machine. The GC link is designed and built for use at relatively light duty jobsites. 
  • Heavy Duty (HD) Track link: the HD track link is designed with an increased link height and a larger bushing to meet the needs of designed to deliver maximum performance in rocky applications.
  • Dual Bushing: it has two bushings and internal lubrication. This design offers a rotating bushing to minimize segment and bushing wear. Suitable for large size bulldozers that are used in abrasive applications. 
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Following customer’s requirements, Komatsu has designed three different types of link assemblies for Excavators to meet the needs of the various machine applications.

  • Grease Sealed Track (GST):  the link assemblies of the GST consist of links, pins, bushings and a “W” seal. They are the basic form of the sealed track are mainly used on excavators and some small dozers.
  • General Construction: Komatsu has developed this product series to help you minimize the operating and maintenance costs of your machine based on application. It has been first fit for the Komatsu excavators such as the PC200 & PC300 models. Suitable for general construction, like pipe layering, quarries, abrasive ground conditions, housing construction, basement digging etc. 
  • Skidding Link Assembly: this link structure is strengthened and reinforced to offer durability specially in strong acid environments.

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