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Dig It Contracting Ltd. embraces IMC technology

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Now more than ever, contractors rely on state-of-the-art equipment to improve their efficiencies on job sites and stay competitive. The combination of a highly competitive market and skilled labour shortages is pushing progressive companies to invest more aggressively in the latest technologies. Dig It Contracting Ltd. is one of those companies.

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Dwayne Flett (00:00):
We were on a very technical and difficult site at the time where there was a lot of slope work and he only had one chance to do it. And to have that slope and that design built into the machine, into the model so he didn't have to repeat it or go back or do another cut because there was no opportunity to do another pass. It was one pass and he had to be spot on. No chance to do it twice.

Jeff Martin (00:29):
I met Dwayne from Dig-It a couple years ago. Steve and I were coming by, doing some customer visits, and he was running technology on one of his excavators and they were struggling with application, what best fit the technology. Looked at the machine and the application he was doing it and we suggested a different way of utilizing the technology that he was using.

Dwayne Flett (00:48):
It's helping us win more bids for sure, being that much more efficient. The costs are continuing to creep up with inflation and being able to be on great all the time. You're not moving material in necessarily twice. You know where you're at all the time. I can't stress that enough. It's knowing where great is. You may be the best operator in the world, but you can't see where the corner of that building is or what [grade 00:01:10] is. Doesn't matter. A lot of the old timers will say, "Oh, well a good operator can hit great well if he's got grade stake," but when that grade stake got knocked over by the truck driver, where are you at? We don't have to wait for that grade stake. You know where grade is.

Cole Kendall (01:23):
What I like about the Komatsu machines is how fast they are, the smoothness of them, and the visibility. It's right in the machine. So I don't actually have to go out on my machine to go and look at my blueprints or talk to the general manager on site. It's all there. It's one stop shop. And it's exactly what I'm looking for.

Dwayne Flett (01:41):
SMS really, again, back to the one stop shop has solutions and Dig-It is all about solutions. So when I look at another company that is like-minded in being able to have solutions, that means a lot. SMS really did tailor a solution for the technology that we needed to move forward with a bolt on kit for excavators that didn't have the I technology.

Dwayne Flett (02:06):
A lot of our customers are repeat customers at Dig-It Contracting because they see the benefits of technology. Right now we have a customer that we've done a large commercial project for and they were aware of the technology that we used on that site. And we were the natural choice for their dream home that they're building right now. And it's a big project, complete with a basketball course, a detailed footing package, very complicated technical dig. So to have that technology with the 290 and have that model, again with the footing package, every footing, every strip footing, the loading pads, everything. To have that all on the screen and for the operator to be able to do that and have that technology, I don't know how you do it any other way.

Dwayne Flett (02:47):
To go back to stakes and offsets and batter boards and all the old technology and laser law levels, it just seems so archaic. In the paradigm that we're in at this point in time with the labor shortages, I believe that technology is going to be the only way that we're going to be able to move forward. Our labor pool is shrinking. Therefore I think technology is going to help fill that gap and also knowing where you're at all the time is important. When the operator looks at that screen, he knows where that footing is, he knows where that pipe is, he knows where the corner of the building is, he knows where he is at, at all times. It's really that simple. SMS has been a one stop shop for us. The service is second to none. They've helped us every step of the way, whether we need something adjusted or we need anything. They've been there for us. Service has been unparalleled.